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Yankee – Independent, Northerner

Born – Native

Rebel – Maverick, Southern

Heart – Soul, Courage, Mind, Spirit

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  1. Rebecca Westlake

    Good Morning I read your various comments this a.m.. I would like to discuss children’s shots. I grew up I guess you might say in the guinea pig era. We had the shots at school, speaking of polio when the vaccine was first discovered. I made it through and without Polio. I still have the scar on my arm from the smallpox vaccination.

    When I became a Mom, it came time for my children to have their shots, the state that I live in requires a completed shot list, for a child to attend public school. Two of my children would be very ill high fevers etc when they received the shots. Two of my children started a cycle of convulsions, when they took the DPT, not sure what they call it now. My son was especially sick to the point the doctor signed a letter, that he could not take them until he was older. This was accepted by the school at that time.

    I know that a lot of Mother’s believe the shots have harmed their child. I certainly did and thank goodness I had a doctor that didn’t think he just had to have the shot at that time.

    I might mention a friend of mine grandchild passed because he did not have the meningitis shot and he got meningitis.

    This is a topic close to the hearts of all parents and I must say would not like to make this decision today, with so many new vaccines.

    I know when my grandchildren have taken their shots, I have always warned my children to watch for all the signs of having a problem and
    I have to say they have had none.


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