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Plastic Passion

Guess what’s in this bag that’s on my lap:   Let me start by saying: I don’t care for Polymer firearms. I’m a steel & wood kinda gal. So when the gun I’m about to tell y’all about caught my eye, I struggled. Seriously. I was about to go against all my arguments, one being: I […]

I’ve been Black Listed!!!

The Gun Blog Black List is the gun bloggers version of an Emmy or an Oscar…truly an honor. I am beside myself. I can’t believe lil ol’ me got Black Listed. How flippin’ awesome is that?!?! (Pretty durn awesome, if I say so myself) This post is extra special as it is my 100th. I wish to […]

Why children don’t need email

About 2 years ago, I received an email from Xbox notifying me that my Xbox Live Gold Membership has been confirmed. Huh. Weird. I don’t have a Xbox. I ignored the email, writing it off as spam. A few months later, another email came in telling me that my Gamer Tag has been updated. Again. Weird. […]


I’ve always been the type that with the more time I have, the less I get done. Case in point: Today is Saturday. I woke up at 6:20 am (only 20 minutes later than my usual weekday), got out of bed, debated on whether to hop in the shower right away or to have my coffee […]

Beware thy neighbor I’m posting this via my mobile…found the link via the Facebook page of the Liberty or Zombie podcast. (If I knew how to link their page via mobile,  I would but I’m sure one of them will leave a comment) The most dangerous people out there are your neighbors. The ones who for whatever […]

No food!

The hurricane messed with my errands yesterday. So, I went grocery shopping tonight and came home with my smallest bill yet. Not because of couponing or buy-one/get-one deals. Oh, no. Because of lack of food. My phone died before I could snap a pic of the produce aisle sans produce. It was an eerie sight. […]

Chicken Cutlets

These cutlets were something that I use to watch my dad make. He would filet the chicken breasts, dip them in flour, egg & breadcrumbs, then fry them in just a little bit of oil. When I first started making these, I used to pound the meat. I soon discovered there was a reason he […]

Home Cookin’

The air has changed this week in the mountains. It was slight, but just enough to know that Autumn is around the corner. The farmers are out doing their thing, some of the leaves are starting to change. School started already. I got a flyer from my oil supplier to lock in rates now before […]