Review – My Gun Database

I was not asked to do this review. I just love this product so much that I feel compelled to tell you all about it. And since this is my first review of someone’s product that they worked their butt off on, hang in there, k? I’m doing my best.

I started this blog a while back and as I’ve tweeted my posts, I’ve gained some pretty cool followers, who also happen to be shooters of various disciplines. As a recreational & competitive shooter myself, I’ve wondered how they kept track of all their firearms and accessories.  Personally, I’ve been looking for software to help me in that area. Alan, known professionally as @MyGunDB on Twitter, has answered that question.

My Gun Database is a revolutionary firearm inventory system not to be confused with a range log. This is for your inventory, even though Alan is working on a few updates and it looks like a range log may be coming at some time in the future.

This is one of the most detailed and easiest databases I’ve come across. The program is built on Adobe AIR® therefore it will run on Windows, Mac OS X v10.5+ and Linux. This database meets the ATF Digital Bound Book requirements.

Upon installing the program directly from the website and entering my registration code, I was prompted to update Adobe Air. I was pleasantly surprised by the interface as I was a little leery on how new user friendly it would be. I did not want to spend hours trying to figure out how to enter my data…I wanted to be able to manipulate the fields and not be locked out by the drop down lists like in other databases and spreadsheets. My fear was unfounded – just for the hell of it I typed in all the details for my Makarov. No errors, no stress = One happy shooter.

Everything on the right side of the above screen shot has been typed in by the user. The fields are self-explanatory: Importer, Identifier, Firearm Type, etc. you just select from the drop down or type it in yourself.

I love intuitive software. Whatever the buttons say they do, they do. If you type something in a field, it will add itself to the drop down list as long as one firearm is tied to it. Just click various fields in the database…you will love the options that pop up. There are sub categories under certain tabs. On the Accessory Tab for instance, there are 3 more options: Attached, Not Attached and Holsters.

Sure, you can use your old battered notebook with grease stains on the pages and risk a paper cut on your trigger finger the morning of a competition while looking up your most recent stats. You could even attempt to create an Excel Spreadsheet from scratch and transcribe that old notebook. But why do that when there is a database out there that will even create reports for you? AND allow you to add pictures of your own firearms to it? No more stock images. YOUR FIREARMS.

I really liked the fact that the accessory pictures you upload correspond to the firearm they belong to. There is enough space to type as much of a description about the accessory that you want. Heck…I might even upload a picture or two of my latest target because that’s how I roll.

As a recreational shooter (whether you are a weekender or a competitor), having a database where you can keep track of maintenance on your guns as well as the type of ammo you use is a timesaver. Do you reload? Check out this screen shot:

For the collector, regardless if you have less than 5 or more than 150 firearms, the ability to print a report of the total value of your firearms is a great feature for insurance purposes. Or even if you are just curious on how much money you have spent on this hobby.

As I stated earlier, this database meets the ATF requirements for a digital bound book which means FFL’s are already using it. I think that is pretty cool…being able to use something that the professionals use and in the same way. The features are the same. I see the potential for Security firms and Law Enforcement to start using this.

You keep your firearms safe in, well, a safe.  Your database is password protected and you can even back up this database to your Dropbox account (one of a few options). Try the free version…you will appreciate the difference and I’m pretty sure that once you start using this database you will upgrade to the Full Version and you will not regret it.

There are so many features that I keep getting distracted from writing this review. I could sit here and list them all, but I’m not going to do that. I will tell you that Alan has worked very hard to make this database the best it can be and he is very approachable to his users as he is a shooter as well, not just a programmer hired by some company to create this database.

My Gun Database is very reasonably priced – $19.95 for a basic registration (disables some tabs and limits pics to three per firearm) and $39.95 for the full registration with all the features. The free version is limited to only 10 firearms. Right now, they are donating 5% of all sales to The Wounded Warrior Project.

If this post gets retweeted at least 10 times, those retweeters will be entered to win a free registration, courtesy of Maggie.

My Network Places – Windows 7

I have been going CRAZY trying to locate My Network Places in Windows 7.  I mean, to the point of where I was about to chuck my computer across the room.


I’ve tried changing the properties of the Start Menu. I’ve used teh Google. I’ve even gone so far as to *gasp* search Microsoft forums.


By chance, because I have a new laptop and my touchpad is so damn sensitive, I found it. And, well, because I’m smrt. Duh.

To save those of you from the aggravation I just experienced, I am sharing my new-found knowledge with you.

1.     Click the Start Menu Button (now referred to by tech support as the “Pearl” – wtf? Seriously? ew.)

2.     Double-click Computer

3.     RIGHT click ANYWHERE in the whitespace

4.    Click Add a Network Location.

5.     TA DA!!

There you go. I am now going to raid the cabinet and hopefully find a chocolate bar to ease my stress.



The Ultimate Vigilante

When I was a little girl, my dad worked nights and would come home before sun-up, make himself a cup of tea, maybe a sandwich, and watch our cable-less television.

Sometimes, as I laid in bed, I would wait and listen for his keys to rattle in the front door and I’d creep downstairs because maybe I’d be lucky enough and he’d be watching some cool infomercial and if I begged and pleaded, he’d buy me something. I don’t recall that ever working. Well, except for one time when we went (without my mother) to Modell’s back when it was more like a department store and he bought me my very first pet – a school of guppies, complete with glass bowl and colorful stones. Or maybe it was Woolworth’s.

I loved those guppies. I loved those guppies so much I had to keep taking them out of the house to show all my friends and as a result…they died off one by one. “Don’t tap the glass” should have been translated to “Stop running out of the house with the fish”. No more guppies for me.

I cherish those quiet mornings with my dad. He introduced me to such great movies from his childhood to teenagedom to his adult life. One movie, in particular, started my fascination with firearms.

I found this picture of Raquel Welch as Hannie Caulder the other day, which brought back the flood of memories and the epiphany that I wanted to be a shooter when I was a little girl. My parents probably have NO idea how much this ignited my curiosity with firearms. This curiosity was kept secret, mind you, for many years. I was, unfortunately when it comes to this topic, a result of the NY Public School System and well, you can take it from there. I was the teenage girl whose friends were buying the latest Bop or Teen Beat and I was hiding my gun rags in between the pages of Seventeen magazine. That right there is another secret that my parents were not aware of.

I promise you, I was a good kid.

One of my favorite lines from this scene is “Don’t forget…you’re a target too, y’know.” Oh! and “First comes right, then comes fast”. I could go on and on; just watch it.

(I am so excited for you – this is HOLLYWOOD GOLD) :P  

The concept that women actually shot firearms was so foreign to me that I was engrossed by this scene and commit it to memory. I had no idea who Annie Oakley was but I knew Hannie Caulder.

Her excitement and determination was contagious. You’ll see.

I was so young the first time I saw this that my mind misconstrued the time period of this movie as fact and turned it into a documentary. Here was this sexy, vulnerable woman being taught how to shoot by a man’s man who had the patience and knowledge to teach her. And with a HUGE PISTOL!!! (FYI -Robert Culp was a shooter in real life. You can see him twirlin’ in an earlier post of mine.)

I’m not sure how I wasn’t caught doing this in the backyard. In fact, in my twenties, I used to use a weighted bar at the gym. I can’t say for certain that it helped with limp-wristing, but I got myself some pretty strong & slender wrists out of it.

Sidenote: the movie does not slip into Spanish. I just couldn’t find this scene in English.

I wanted to grow up and BE her. I wanted to walk around town with a revolver on my hip wearing a blanket as a shirt (I was young, it was a blanket) and a cowboy hat. That, to me, was the ultimate in badassery. Then I grew up and realized that there were much cooler firearms out there.

Just replace the pistol with an AK. Awwwwwww, yeah.

What is a Gun?

According to Wikipedia, a gun is a muzzle or breach-loaded projectile-firing weapon.

A weapon, again according to Wikipedia, is  is a tool or instrument used in order to inflict damage or harm – physical or mental – to living beings, artificial structures, or systems. In human society, weapons are used to increase the efficacy and efficiency of activities such as hunting, offense, defense, crime, law enforcement, and conflict.

Don’t you just *love* Wikipedia? “In human society” …what other society would use a weapon?

Ask a responsible gun owner the question “What is a gun?” and you may receive an answer that starts with a brand they love to which another shooter will overhear and they will ramble on incessantly and you would have unwillingly started the biggest argument inside the gun culture. FYI – CZ…can’t go wrong with a CZ. bup-bup-bup…I don’t wanna hear it.

All kidding aside, if you shoot you shoot. That is good enough for me. I don’t care what brand, what style, whether you prefer the latest do-hickey or you go old school. As long as you are practicing the rules of safety, following the law and having fun, I really don’t care.

Ask a survivor of a violent crime and they may say “life saver” or “life taker”. It could go either way. Our experiences form our opinions. But you knew that already. I would LOVE a world without violence – outlawing guns is not going to create that world. Neither will eugenics…although they will damn well try. Google it. It’s too large a topic to be discussed on my itty bitty blog.  You know what will help create that non-violent world? A gun on every hip. (or a sword)

My gun is my protector. I am all of 5’3″ and a lil bit heavier than I’d like to be, but let’s be real. It’s not how much I weigh that makes me a target. Who is going to inflict harm upon me? I do not know the answer to that question which is why I carry. Do I go out looking for a fight? No…I am prepared to defend myself and the lives of my loved ones if my life or theirs is threatened with great violence.


New Facebook Page

I have started a page on Facebook for my blog. It is a WIP and I am fighting with FB on editing the profile, etc.

So far, I have manage to post a stretched out profile pic and a cover photo of my favorite cupcake that I baked – a tri color Candy Corn cupcake that I made for Halloween.

Hopefully, this page will force me to blog more. See you on the flipside :)