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You Might be a Skirmisher if…

Every National, I stop by the souvenir shop and make a purchase. I bought this T-Shirt about 5 Nationals ago and it is my favorite item by far. I don’t agree with the order of the top ten reasons you know you are a Skirmisher, but they are true: 1. You would rather own a Civil […]

Just do it.

I don’t know what happens in the men’s room, other than I picture leather sofas lining the walls and a lil old man standing by the door wearing the most expensive suit imaginable holding a silver tray with cigars in a neat little row with a crisp, white towel over his arm. I know what […]

Don’t Fence Me In

One of the things that attracted this Long Island girl to the mountains of PA were the lack of fences between property lines. I always associated a split rail & post fence with the country life. Along with hay bales, farms, livestock, etc. Being that I don’t have tons of acreage for a farm, we […]

My newest love affair

I recently discovered Nutella®. I eat it directly out of the jar with a spoon. No bread for me to cover the flavor. Creamy chocolate & hazelnut butter. It reminds me of those Ferrero Rocher chocolates. You know the ones. Those little hazelnut chocolate candies surrounded by a crisp wafer rolled in more chocolate & […]

Happy Trails

When I saw number on my caller ID this morning, I thought I severely overslept and groggily answered. It was my neighbor & I figured he was calling to see what we were doing today and the convo went like this: Neighbor: “Mornin’ Chris!! You ever see a wagon train?” Me (what did he just say): […]

Pink is Sexy…and lethal

We’ve all heard the “What kind of gun should I get my wife?” question and the response “A pink one”. Seriously? Would you ask what kind of hammer to get your wife? What do you think she would say if she told you she wanted a hammer and you came home with a teensy little hammer? […]

Dry Cleaning Bill

I’ve listened to all TWELVE Liberty or Zombie podcasts, without fail, every time I get their notification email. I’ve listened via my Logitech Revue while folding laundry, via my smartphone while cooking and this morning via my phone on my commute in to work. At about 46/48 minutes, it’s just about the perfect length to keep me […]