What happens when you work from home and put the puppies out back because you are facing a looming deadline? You forget they are puppies that just won’t stay out of the garden. Especially when the hose is on. I’ve come to realize that the quieter they are, the more shenanigans they get themselves into. You would also think, […]

I’ve been blessed with some mad skills. Cooking and baking skills. From the perfect pot roast to the most delectable lasagna to moist cupcakes, there is nothing in the world of cooking that I cannot master. Except baked potatoes and hard boiled eggs. You people have no idea how many hundreds of dollars I’ve wasted […]

Holy chit people…I am away from my blog for 2 weeks (longer, maybe?) and I am regretting not installing that spam filter/killer and now I have way, way, way too many comments to sift through. I deleted them all. My apologies if you did comment on a post. I need to fix that. The new […]

LOOKOUT!! CALL THE AUTHORITIES QUICK!!! THERE ARE CHILDREN IN THE AIRPORT THAT ARE A THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!!!  A little 4 year old girl on her way home to Montana hugged her gramma (this link is from all the way across the pond) as gramma was being detained after she triggered an alarm at the security […]

Check out the contests on this website! Enter into whatever contests you want to your heart’s content. Why don’t you scroll on down to the Rifle section and enter to win a 10/22, courtesy of MyGunDB? While you are at it, go like the Facebook Page; Alan posted another contest there.

Being a Yankee, I grew up with the best mayo ever – Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise. I remember sitting on the kitchen table, in my Sunday best, waiting for the rest of my family to finish getting ready for church when all of a sudden, my mom walks in the kitchen and confiscates the jar of […]