Guns & Ammo: CZ-USA Special

Lookit what I bought the other day:

Guns & Ammo CZ USA

To say I’m a little bit of a CZ snob is an understatement so when I saw this at the bookstore, I couldn’t resist shelling out almost $10 which is not something that I normally do. I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for a cooking or baking magazine and for those who know me probably don’t believe me.

To be honest, I would have walked right by the cover if not for the fact that my guy pointed out the issue to me. I’m not a fan of the P-09 for no other reason than I’m just not into the look of it. I’ve never shot it so maybe my opinion will change if I ever do.

The issue lives up to it’s promise of being a Special Collectors Edition. It is FULL FULL FULL of information with regards to the history of the company and it’s a virtual mini catalog of their firearms.


Guest Blogger Alert!!! From the Mouth’s of Old-Timers

Hey everyone…a really good friend of mine has a great home-made laundry detergent recipe to share with all of you. Take a read and try it out!

Written by Felicia Hawthorne

I received a recipe for making home-made laundry detergent from my wonderful Aunt.  She had told me that an old-timer that frequented her shop had given it to her, but she had yet to try it.  The ingredients were so basic and it seemed so easy to make, that I had to try it for myself.

The ingredients are:

  • 1 bar of Ivory soap
  • 1 ½ cups of white vinegar
  • 1 – 5 gallon bucket
  • Water


The instructions are extremely simple.

Grate one bar of ivory soap into a 5 gallon bucket.  It literally takes all of 5 minutes for this part.  Next, boil water and add to the 5 gallon bucket, filling 2/3 of the way.  Stir until the soap shavings are dissolved.  Next, stir in the vinegar.  The vinegar will eradicate all the suds that the soap produced, thus making this he washer friendly.

I will say this, the mixture doesn’t smell great.

Now to say that I was nervous to use this is a huge understatement.  I decided to use this on a load of towels.  I added two laundry scoop sizes of the homemade brew to my washer, closed the lid and hoped for the best.  I knew that if it came out of the wash smelling the way it went in, I would be rewashing a load of laundry.

After the cycle completed, I nervously lifted the lid and proceeded to smell the freshly washed laundry.  I was amazed!!  It had such a wonderful, clean smell.  I even did a side by side comparison of laundry done with my more expensive store bought laundry detergent and this one wins, hands down!  So for around $1.00, I have a wonderful new laundry soap.

Now I’ll list a few facts for some of you cynics.

Ivory soap is one of the purest soaps on the market and it is antimicrobial.  Vinegar is 90% effective against mold and 99.9% effective against bacteria, not to mention that it will eliminate almost any odor out there.  Vinegar is also known to brighten fabric colors.

I’m sold!

Thank you Aunt Cindy for sharing this recipe with me, for everyone else, give it a try.  You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.


United we stand?

Somehow, over the years, gun ownership has become quite the controversy. It has slowly turned from a right into a question of it’s need. The recent tragedy in Connecticut has divided our country on the 2nd Amendment more than I could have imagined.

Cheaper than Dirt has suspended online sales of firearms. Wal-Mart & Dick’s Sporting Goods are pulling ads/firearms. All out of fear of retribution and offending those who (don’t) shop there. Seriously? Did these companies think their decisions through?

What’s worse is the infighting I am seeing among my fellow gun owners on Twitter and Facebook. Here is one paraphrased tweet that sums up the argument quite nicely:

“I’m okay with an assault weapons ban because you can’t use them for hunting”

What?!?! To hear a fellow gun owner call a semi-auto an assault weapon pains me.  “Assault” & “Weapon” are words used to scare and manipulate the masses using a language of fear. Also, you can hunt with semi-autos in certain areas. For me, this statement above epitomizes the “tell on your neighbor and you won’t be punished” theme occurring lately.

Some of you know that I’m a National Match Black Powder Competitive Shooter. I’ve come across many competitors that are so wrapped up in their BP firearms that they simply cannot understand why I have an AK-47. Um…because I like it. No other reason needed besides that.

Banning one type of firearm simply because it’s not one that you use in your life is just as bad as the anti-gunners calling for confiscation. No, it’s worse because you seem to value and understand the 2nd Amendment. All you are doing is turning your back on your fellow gun owners and pointing them out to those who want to strip them of their right while you cling to yours.

No matter what happens, no matter what legislation winds up getting passed, no matter if confiscation does occur…those 20 children were murdered and nothing will bring them back. Instead of fighting with each other on what firearm is better than another, how about we all  exercise our right to bear arms? You like shotguns? Go buy a shotgun. You like AR’s? Go buy one.  Revolvers? buy one for each hand. Bring a friend to a range. Take a class. But above all, stop telling your fellow gun owners/enthusiasts that you are okay with a ban “as long as x” isn’t affected.

Hypocrisy leaves a stench, y’know.


Adventures in Canning

When I first started to entertain the idea of canning, I’ve always pictured being in a rustic log cabin surrounded by the sounds of the forest with my fireplace snapping & popping at one end of my kitchen and my counter lined with empty, glistening glass jars just waiting to be filled with all sorts of delicious jams, jellies, fruits & vegetables. At the end of the day, I would sit in my leather recliner next to the fireplace and admire all the little jars lined up neatly in my cabinets, secure in the fact that we will not go hungry this winter due to my hard work, while sipping a nice cold beer. *happy sigh*

Back to reality.

I’ve been canning for about 5 years…well, if you were to add up all the time I actually spent physically canning, I’d be okay with saying I’ve been canning for a month. Yeah. That’s more like it. I’m not an expert by any means and I’ve made my fair share (and then some) of mistakes.

My first adventure with canning, I decided to make peach jam. I love peaches and after reading over the recipe and directions from the Ball Company, I thought that I’d give it a try.

Basically, you have to peel a ton of peaches, cut them up and boil them with sugar and water and add pectin before pouring the concoction into the mason jars and processing them in a water bath. Easy, peasy, right? LISTEN to me and listen to me good…FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

I’m a cook and a baker which means I take a lot of liberty with recipes because I understand the chemistry behind them. It’s not the same with canning. TRUST ME.  There is a reason why there are books with explicit directions in them for canning.

I started my water bath so that all I’d have to do is pour the hot peach jam into the hot jars, tighten the lids and put them directly into the water bath (which is recommended, by the way…hot foods go into hot jars, cold into cold otherwise you run the risk of glass breaking). I decided to add more peaches than necessary which meant that I needed to add more pectin. This resulted in me panicking at the stove with tons of pots and pans boiling over fighting against time to get everything I cooked stored properly in these little glass jars. The payoff would be how pretty these little glass jars would look all lined up in my cabinets and I would admire them from my rocking chair as I calmed my nerves by the fire with a nice cold beer. *SNAP SNAP* BACK TO REALITY

Have you ever experienced a liquid sugar burn? I’ve burned myself when I was younger when making candy canes around Christmas time because I kept getting in my mom’s way. A liquid peach jam burn is on a whole different plane. You try to wipe & wipe the hot jam off your forearm, only to realize you are merely spreading the molten lava around thereby increasing the surface area of pain before seeing the kitchen faucet and turning the cold tap on full blast. BUT OH NO!!! It was HOT water that came bursting out because, in your ADD nature, you were doing way too many things at once and 30 seconds ago you were filling a different pot with hot water for something that seemed important at the time which is why you panicked at the stove in the first place when you heard sizzling, then smelled burning peaches and upon pushing the overflowing pot out of the way, you caused the air bubble that was forming at the bottom of the pot to come rushing to the surface and splash your forearm with liquid fire.

Soon, the water rushes back to cold, soothing your burn and you look over at the rows & rows of mason jars with contempt, wondering why you started this endeavor in the first place; you realize that you really need to start with a smaller batch of whatever it is you are trying to can and you need to stop being stubborn and creative and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. My goodness…you can kill someone with botulism or worst of all, lose your entire batch and that is no fun at all. I’d rather deal with another burn.

Guess what happens when you add too much pectin? Your dreams of sweet, spreadable peach jam turn to cement when you open a jar the next morning. But it LOOKS spreadable!?!?! This is one of those times that you admit defeat and go out to breakfast followed by a trip to the dumpster to trash all the new mason jars you just destroyed because you cannot get the damn jam out of them. Next time, read and FOLLOW the directions.

Fast forward to 5 years later…I’ve successfully canned tomato sauce, more peach jam, strawberry jelly, hot pepper jelly, butternut squash, collards and homemade chicken soup. There is nothing like a cool day and opening a jar of homemade chicken soup and it be just as fresh as the day you made it…you get the benefit without the hours of work.

There are two canning processes – water bath canning where you boil the canning jars in a pot of water for an allotted amount of time and using a pressure canner where you utilize the pressure for an allotted amount of time. You use the water bath for canning jams & jellies for example and the pressure canner for veggies and anything with meat. They need to process for a certain amount of time to ensure all the bacteria has been killed off so you don’t poison yourself or your family when you open the jars a few days to a few months later.

The great thing about canning is that you are the one in charge of what you are eating. There are no preservatives or additives to keep the food fresh (except pectin or salt or vinegar, etc. depending on the recipe). Once you get familiar enough with what types of food can be canned with each method and how long each vegetable/fruit/meat needs to process, you can create some pretty awesome dishes to eat later.

Right now, my canning focus has been for training purposes so I get better at it and for when my baby girl starts on solid foods. I’ve stopped buying canned & frozen veggies for when SHTF. I’m working on building up my stock of freshly canned goods. The thing to keep in mind is to date your canned goods and can monthly if not weekly so you always have fresh food on hand. You don’t want to be in a tight spot a year from now and open a spoiled jar. Treat the foods you canned just like the cans you bought from the store. Eat them. When you happen upon a sale of sweet potatoes for .39 cents per pound buy as many as you are able to afford and spend a few hours canning them up for future use. Future can be next weekend or a few months from now. By taking advantage of the sales and getting into a routine with canning, you will have yourself a nice variety of food. Feel free to can leftovers, too, instead of throwing them out or letting them sit in the fridge for days until they finally get thrown out because they spoiled. I especially enjoy being able to pull something I canned out of the cabinet when the last thing I feel like doing is cooking a full meal. Take the collards for instance…they can take FOREVER to cook, but since I have them canned, I can concentrate on the main dish and heat them up when supper is done.

I still overwhelm myself when I get the itch to can. I have not taken my own advice outlined above as much as I should so I do not have the rows & rows of pretty colorful jars of fresh food in my cabinet. I have to keep reminding myself that I do not need to can 25 jars of sweet potatoes at a shot…3 or 4 is just as good.

I’ve recently discovered that a pressure canner can cook a 12 pound pot roast in 45 minutes. Talk about a time saver. Combine that with the collards…YUM!!!



The countdown begins

Earlier this week I hit the 90 day mark. That’s right…90 days until my little girl is here. 90 days to get prepared for her, to make sure she has the best rated stroller, crib, etc. that we can afford along with canning some baby food for future use. Oh yeah, and starting her college firearm college fund.

I’m fairly new to canning as I’ve only canned off & on for a few years and it was exclusively water bath canning. We recently bought a pressure cooker and after multiple awesome meals, I decided to finally take the plunge and can some veggies.

I had success with collards and chicken soup, so yesterday when I decided to put up some butternut squash it was no big deal to me. I followed the directions completely and was excited to see the results. I was very surprised when I opened the lid to the pressure cooker and one of the Ball jars was split from the bottom up. I didn’t notice until I took it out of the canner. I’ve never had a jar break on me before.

This minor incident reminded me that the best intentions and plans can go awry, especially when you least expect it, even when you follow all the rules.

Like other pregnant women, I’ve been trying to decide which route is best for me to take in about these 90 days. We’ve already had the hospital tour and their philosophy is along the lines of what we want – no forced drugs, no forced inducing, no immediate vaccines…they no longer even have a public nursery and baby gets to stay in my room the entire time. There is no chance of someone swooping in and stealing/swapping out baby girl as me, her daddy & baby will each have a security device on our person that in the event that someone does try to remove her from my room, the entire hospital will shut down and an alarm will sound. Sweet Pea cannot go anywhere without one of us with her during our stay.

After reading multiple books on labor & delivery, I’ve already decided I want as natural a birth as possible. Women are built for this for a reason; our bodies know what to do.  Modern medicine has made labor & delivery easier for the doctor(s) & their schedule, not the mother as her body will go into auto-mode telling her when to push. Am I totally against hospital intervention? No, not by any means. But only if (not when) there is a true medical emergency. It’s just pain. My body is not breaking into pieces. Do I sound overly optimistic? Perhaps. Only time will tell. But I’m hoping by keeping a positive outlook, that even if we do need hospital intervention, everything will work out for the best.

Now I just need to decide what will happen if she doesn’t like AK’s. We can’t have that. What am I going to do with this shirt?

The Civil Wars

Yeah, yeah, I know. They’ve been around for a few years now, but I’m slowly discovering them.

My favorite, by far, is their cover of “You Are My Sunshine”. I get the chills EVERY time I hear it.

Closely followed by their cover of “Billie Jean” (I might just become a MJ fan)

And, of course, “Poison & Wine”, one of their popular songs. (couldn’t be a post about them without it)

And “Barton Hollow”…my FAVE :)


Today, is National Talk Like a Pirate Day…or, if you have an accent like me, it will sound more like:

Tawk like a Pie-rit Day.


If you don’t sound like me and take advantage of this sweet offer from Krispy Kreme, thankfully posted by Jonathan over at (otherwise I would have missed it), you will sound like this:

“Shiver me timbers!! One donut please.” (if you just deliver a line, plain clothes)

or, to really get into it…dress up like a pirate and get a whole dozen of those sweet, delicious, glazed donuts:

“Shiver me timbers, me hearty!! Present henceforth to this wench a dozen glazed doubloons to share with my Gentlemen o’ Fortune as we go on the account!” (translation: Good Morning!  I have a team meeting today and it’s my turn to bring the donuts)

I think the key with sounding like a pirate is to REALLY belt it out…I mean, you’re pretending to be a bloody pirate. Make that voice BOOM like a cannon!

Alas…there are no Krispy Kremes nearby and I do not have a pirate outfit so I will not be partaking. But get out there and enjoy a free donut for me!!

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She did the right thing

I’m not talking about her decision on whether or not to post this, for I am most certainly glad she did. Please read it before you continue reading my post.

What I’m talking about is the most important thing to remember to do in self defense. She stayed outwardly calm. Inside, I’m sure her heart was pounding intensely against her chest wondering what the eff the guy was going to do next, hell, mine was as I read her post.

Let’s talk about assault. Did the guy lay a hand on her? No. He exhibited behavior in which she as a human being has every right to defend herself if for one moment she felt her life was in danger. Behind that calm exterior, she was already planning on defending herself. She knew better than to stand up. She knew that she had more  power to fight against him if he did touch her if she stayed seated. I’m not surprised no one came to help as they were frozen, too, in what…fear? maybe…shock? more likely…the need to not want to get involved? I’m leaning more towards that one.

I cannot say what I would have done in that situation. I cannot guarantee that I would have pulled my firearm had I been on that train with her nor can I say that I would have told the guy to leave her alone; I also cannot guarantee that I would have pulled my firearm if I were her. After all, the guy was *just* screaming at her. She stayed quiet, let him have his fit. Didn’t tell him to “fuck off” knowing that it would most likely escalate to a point where he used her as a punching bag. In public. On a train. Where you cannot run to safety.

The teenage boys..they are still children and were lashing out from afar because she told them to leave her alone; most women have experienced this and although it is annoying, we know that they are just children fluffing their cocks around in front of each other, showing off. If there was just 1 boy, I’m sure he never would have said anything her, but the pack mentality starts growing in groups and you must always be vigilant, calm, aware and prepared like she was. It could have turned ugly, but it didn’t.

If anything, her post solidifies the need for every woman to have some sort of self-defense training; not necessarily with firearms, that can be later on (you all know I want every man, woman and child knowing everything they can about firearms, including safety). Self-defense training should start at a young age – Stranger Danger is taught to all children, why is learning how to defend yourself so focused on boys later on in life?

Society tells us that girls are supposed to be pretty, angelic little things, waiting for their knight to come rescue them. Well, guess what? I hate to break it to you…if you are the type of woman who doesn’t value your own life enough to defend it, you are going to be waiting a loooooooooooong time for that knight. Life isn’t a movie…the caped crusader isn’t going to swoop in and beat up the bad guy for you.  Through no fault of your own you are going to get in situations like she did. You best be prepared mentality for it. Physically won’t hurt either.

Funny how things happen when there are people around. Everyone just watches, no one steps in or even calls 911. Granted, they were on a train what will the cops be able to do? Again, it’s the pack mentality – someone will step in and do something.

She did the right thing. She stayed calm. Assessed the situation. Planned what she was going to do. Didn’t let him see her flinch.  Didn’t escalate it. And no one got sent to the hospital. 


Turn, turn, turn

I was at Barnes & Noble today, buying my two favorite books for my 8 year old godson/nephew’s birthday and this stopped me in my tracks:

I did a double take…”How Guns Won” …can it be? has Time Magazine churned out a positive gun article? Or, at least, brought some journalistic integrity to the subject? Then I read the fine print…uh…when were Americans as a whole, as this implies, ever FOR gun control?

We must have been! I cannot think of any other reason why the cover was published this way. It’s on the COVER of Time!! Hide your children! They must not know of the atrocities we have committed by turning against gun control. *sobbing heavily* WHY, GOD!! WHY!!!

I would have bought the issue, but I didn’t want my purchase being miscounted by their marketing department as an anti-gunner; so, I skimmed the article.

It basically regurgitated every blinded opinion brought forth by the Brady Campaign and by those who are of the “it’s good for me but you cannot have it” attitude. Oh, and not to mention the good old argument “but WHY do you need a hundred rounds of ammo?”

We, as Americans, are passed the point of agreeing to disagree on this subject. The anti-gunners would like for the new generation to conveniently forget that our freedom to own a firearm is just as important (if not the bodyguard to) the 1st Amendment.

I’ve had conversations with people who have no experience whatsoever with firearms, never even seen one in person, who are anti-gun and do not understand why I own many, let alone 1. They quote “statistics” and explain to me why latest unfortunate event due to someone using a firearm proves that guns “should be taken off the street”.

As a gun owner, I am respectful of the anti-gunners in my life. I don’t force my right onto them, although I have told them it is my choice to own one just as it is their choice to not. I don’t bring my firearms into their homes. And they know that if they come to mine, they won’t know where they are but they are within reach if someone breaks into the house while they are here. If there are children coming over, I child-proof my house – put my breakables up higher (or away), lock the liquor cabinet, etc. and watch those kids like a hawk. Other peoples kids will not hurt themselves in my house.

So…I propose that every gun owner in America makes the title of this article come true.

Find your closest friend (or family member)  who is the most anti-gun (you know you have at least 1) and take them to the range. I say your closest friend because you need to realize that they are going to be put in an environment that is so foreign and scary to them that they MUST trust you. It’s kind of funny when you take that person to the range, they watch & get curious. Then, you put a firearm into that person’s hand and they realize that firearms are not so bad. You can almost see the sleep disappearing from their eyes. Now, I’m not saying that they are going to make a full pro-gun turn, but maybe, just maybe you can at least start the wheels turning and make them think and research for themselves instead of basing their opinions on something they read or saw on the “news”.