Marshmallows Part II

In continuation of my gooey quest to make homemade marshmallows

If you are going to attempt to make them, this is pretty much the consistency the marshmallow goo is going to be before it sets up.

After I poured the goo into the pan, I need to add more powdered sugar/cornstarch to the top before it set

If you powdered the heck out of the glass pan, you will get this when it finally sets and you turn it out onto your cutting board of choice (okay, I confess…I didn’t use enough of the powder mixture and needed to use a knife to pry it out) :

I know…I know…you’re thinking…YBRH…why didn’t you just eat this like it was? Well, honestly…it was just way too much marshmallow. I mean, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT!!!!

So, you grab a knife…in my case, I used my ulu knife, and you oil it with cooking spray, so the marshmallow doesn’t stick.

I was very fortunate and did not slice my hand at all.

Now that they are all cut up, you have to dust the sides of each square, or they’ll stick together. So throw a few in a bowl or tupperware with some more powdered sugar, put a cover on it and shake them suckers up.

And finally…make some Hot Chocolate from scratch and drop one in your mug.

Sorry for the blurry picture…I was very excited to try them.

A funny thing happened on the way to the market

My house came with a 28 foot round, 6 foot deep, above ground pool. It was gorgeous…except the previous owners lost the cover so when we moved in, it was nothing more than a breeding ground for mosquitos. We fixed it up. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, being that I cannot swim even though I grew up on Long Island, we decided to sell it about a year later.

We put an ad in the paper and on craigslist. We had a lot of people come out and look at it. Quite a few people wanted to buy it, only to realize that the pool really was that big and it wasn’t a misprint. One guy wanted my pool so bad he was debating on cutting up his deck.

Turns out one of our very first friends decided that they would buy it. My friend was always complaining to me how her family was always dumping stuff on them to store because she had the biggest basement of all of them. You know what she’d do? She’d wait a few months and if they never picked their stuff back up, she’d sell it on them and keep the money.

They wrote me the check in April, with the understanding that they would be out the following weekend to take the pool apart.  I deposited the check that day. They called a few days before to let us know that something came up and they wouldn’t be able to make it. Which was nice because we were about to let all the water out. And if we let the water out, the pool would eventually collapse.

Two weeks turn into a month. One month turns to two, and so on until September. It got to a point where it was costing me more than what they paid me for it to keep it clean & conditioned.

Every weekend there was an excuse. The kids had a game, they had to go food shopping, etc. I was always polite. Then one day I had enough. I told them that if they didn’t come out the next weekend and take the pool I’m taking it apart myself and leaving it at the curb. They came back with well, just give us our money back. I told them I don’t want to buy a pool. So back and forth we went. I told her that she’s treating my backyard like her basement. Which I think was the correct line to cross because that seemed to work.

Her husband and a friend of his came that weekend and took the pool. And we haven’t seen them since. Which was weird because we live in a really small town. I mean, we have to drive by there house. And, by the way, its been almost 2 years and the pool is still not up.

So last night, I had to go to the grocery store to pick up some fruit because I was assigned fruit-salad making duties at work for a party.

Here’s my cling wrap covered fruit salad

Back to my grocery store trip. I parked next to a familiar truck. So familiar that I sat in my car and stared at it for a while. And yes…it was my e-friends truck. I was already parked, so I said the hell with it and stayed there. I took a cart and in I went. I gathered up my fruit and got on line. Right. Behind. Her.

She did a double take when she saw me. Then I realized that I forgot to pick up some steaks. But, being who I am, I was not going to get off the line to get them.

So, I’m gonna have to go back tonight.

Countdown to Nationals

The Nationals are twice a year, every May & October. Our trip has been getting shorter over the years…we used to go down to Virginia 4 days in advance, to take in the sites, visit Civil War battlefields, go spelunking, etc. This National we’re probably only going to make it in on Friday evening. Which makes my life a lot easier in prep.

In addition to getting all the shooting & camping gear ready the week before, I have to make sure we have plenty of my versions of MREs. Because I can only eat so many hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs & sliders in a day. Breakfast is easy…granola bars, ready to drink shakes or cold cereal. Dinner is another story.

This week I will be making chicken cutlets and sausage & peppers. They are great because I can make individual portions in my foodsaver and freeze them. Then all I have to do is boil a pot of water, drop a few bags in and dinner is served. No mess, no clean up. Which is beyond awesome because the last thing I look forward to doing after a long day of shooting is cooking and cleaning.

I need coffee.

I’ve been watching my Keurig leak water out of the top of the dispenser for a few days now.

I finally opened it up to find this:

Funny thing is, when you close the top, the middle of that broken piece lands on a raised piece of plastic. So, basically, its almost like when I’m wearing high heels and all that pressure is centralized on the spike of my heel when I walk.

Hopefully, its a design flaw and Keurig will send me a new part. Because I just stocked up on K-Cups and I really don’t want to buy a new machine.

Black Powder Ammo

This weekend will be chock full of making ammo for the Nationals in two weeks.

Ammo that looks like this:

The minie ball is seated “backwards” because the cartridge does not get loaded. That red plastic cartridge you see there is full of Goex, specially weighed out for my rifle and minie ball. We pull the minie ball out (some use their teeth, I hold the minie in my hand), pour the powder down the barrel, ram the ball home,  get that percussion cap on & fire. Load & fire within 12 seconds. And thats if you happen to drop your cartridge & have to fish another one out of your pouch.

Ammo that will be shot out of this: