In continuation of my gooey quest to make homemade marshmallows… If you are going to attempt to make them, this is pretty much the consistency the marshmallow goo is going to be before it sets up. After I poured the goo into the pan, I need to add more powdered sugar/cornstarch to the top before […]

The Nationals are twice a year, every May & October. Our trip has been getting shorter over the years…we used to go down to Virginia 4 days in advance, to take in the sites, visit Civil War battlefields, go spelunking, etc. This National we’re probably only going to make it in on Friday evening. Which makes […]

Our troops do so much for us as a Nation…their families sacrifice so much in order for them to do so. Here is a list of some of the organizations that not only support our Troops, but their families as well. I had no idea so many existed.