AKs & Cupcakes

by Yankee Born, Rebel Heart


Loaded Gun found on Disney Ride

I realize that mistakes happen. I’ve dropped my keys in the parking lot while shuffling the baby from one arm to the other;  I’ve left an item or two in my shopping cart as I’ve loaded my trunk, only to have to drive all the way back to the store hoping the cart is where […]

Government Sanctioned Bullies

LOOKOUT!! CALL THE AUTHORITIES QUICK!!! THERE ARE CHILDREN IN THE AIRPORT THAT ARE A THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!!!  A little 4 year old girl on her way home to Montana hugged her gramma (this link is from all the way across the pond) as gramma was being detained after she triggered an alarm at the security […]

My Network Places – Windows 7

I have been going CRAZY trying to locate My Network Places in Windows 7.  I mean, to the point of where I was about to chuck my computer across the room. WHY THE FLYING POPSICLES DID MICROSOFT THINK IT WAS SO DAMN CUTE TO REMOVE “MY NETWORK PLACES”????? I’ve tried changing the properties of the […]

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They don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Nor do they need no stinkin’ personal boundaries. I’m an American. I’m proud we have the right to protest, freedom of religion, etc. And, of course, the right that holds them all together. It looks like some Occupiers forgot why they are occupying in the first place. http://bit.ly/yWlazH So…report your neighbors in the suburbs but […]