On this Halloween Eve (yes, I know…technically, Halloween is All Hallow’s Eve,  bear with me here) gather round with your favorite Mason jar of spiked lemonade, sweet tea, what-have-you and sit a spell while I tell you a story. What you see below is part of Route 61 here in Pennsylvania. For those of you […]

You know it’s Autumn when you drive to work and see every house on your commute down the mountain into the city with tendrils of smoke spewing from their chimneys. Rolling your window down, inhaling the cool crisp morning air, you can decifer which home is burning wood vs coal. (We burn coal for heat, […]

When I saw number on my caller ID this morning, I thought I severely overslept and groggily answered. It was my neighbor & I figured he was calling to see what we were doing today and the convo went like this: Neighbor: “Mornin’ Chris!! You ever see a wagon train?” Me (what did he just say): […]

I got a little sidetracked on my way to Cabela’s yesterday. And yes…I know every picture title says Samsung. I’m just to lazy to change them all right now. Sure, it needs a little bit of work. They are firm on the price. But pictures are free.

The County Fair was/is open this week from Wednesday – Sunday.  I’ve never seen a fair like this growing up on Long Island. They have livestock: cows, pigs, goats, sheep (not zombie), chickens, rabbits, roosters and I’m sure many more that I am probably forgetting. They auction the livestock off before they open daily at […]