shopping It’s a review. Read it. Think I’m gonna have to get it, even though I already have one in Stainless. You can’t have too many CZ ‘s. Speaking of CZ’s…I’ve almost narrowed down a holster. It’s about time.

An update on my previous post, but with pictures of the bag from OGIO: It arrived quicker than I thought it would and just in time for my new job! Can’t wait to use it! History went all out. That’s not a patch. Here’s a pic of the other side: Under the front flap: Look […]

I got a little sidetracked on my way to Cabela’s yesterday. And yes…I know every picture title says Samsung. I’m just to lazy to change them all right now. Sure, it needs a little bit of work. They are firm on the price. But pictures are free.

My blogfather via his podcast has partnered with the History Channel to promote  Topshot. (wow…that there’s a lot of links in one sentence) I’ve never won anything in my life except for a few dollars off a lottery scratch-off ticket. But now…I’m gonna be sportin’ this kick-ass messenger bag. I wonder how many firearms it […]

I am a if-you-don’t-really-need-it-buy-it-only-when-it’s-on-sale-&-combine-it-with-a-coupon-whore. I really loathe grocery shopping (why, is a whole other post); so, I feel like I’m getting away with some really good deals. And I stock up on items that I use and being that I don’t have to buy them weekly, my grocery bill is almost cut in half. Mind […]