There are two movies that I consider “must see”. They shaped my movie-viewing life. As a teenager, I’ve tortured the children I babysat & a few of my closest friends by making them watch them. As an adult, I appreciate the movie references to them even though others fail to, basically because they don’t know […]

If there ever was a birthday worth celebrating, it’s Bruce Campbell‘s. During 9 months of gestation, I am POSITIVE that his momma watched plenty of typical 1950′s horror/sci-fi movies; in particular 20 Million Miles to Earth, a movie starring a handsome leading man, a beautiful love interest and, of course, the monster. Which, if you […]

We all have a movie that we annoy those around us with by quoting lines, acting out scenes, what have you, from said movie. For me, it’s the Evil Dead Series. My shotgun will always be referred to as my boomstick. I will always shop smart at S-mart. Evil Dead II is one of, if […]