AKs & Cupcakes

by Yankee Born, Rebel Heart

kitchen mishaps


For the past few weeks, I’ve been squishing carpenter ants throughout the house. I’ve been finding one or two in various rooms. A few in my kitchen. I went out and bought Raid Ant & Roach Killer and sprayed the rooms they were in but I think all that did was push them to other […]

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Time to clean the fridge

So out of all old items I was afraid of finding in the back of my fridge, the last thing I expected was a deflated strawberry (or maybe cherry) jello. I put the spoon in just so you could see how deep the little Pyrex bowl is. I can’t scrape the jello out so I […]

I need coffee.

I’ve been watching my Keurig leak water out of the top of the dispenser for a few days now. I finally opened it up to find this: Funny thing is, when you close the top, the middle of that broken piece lands on a raised piece of plastic. So, basically, its almost like when I’m wearing high heels […]