AKs & Cupcakes

by Yankee Born, Rebel Heart


Guns & Ammo: CZ-USA Special

Lookit what I bought the other day: To say I’m a little bit of a CZ snob is an understatement so when I saw this at the bookstore, I couldn’t resist shelling out almost $10 which is not something that I normally do. I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for a cooking or baking magazine […]


Recently I chatted with Charlie Pratt, co-founder and CEO of Gunway. Here is a bit of our conversation: So, what is Gunway? Gunway is the world’s premier firearms & outdoor network. Nice. What does that mean? Gunway is an online place to build your identity, connect with others, and share information. What made you want […]

Plastic Passion

Guess what’s in this bag that’s on my lap:   Let me start by saying: I don’t care for Polymer firearms. I’m a steel & wood kinda gal. So when the gun I’m about to tell y’all about caught my eye, I struggled. Seriously. I was about to go against all my arguments, one being: I […]

I’ve been Black Listed!!!

The Gun Blog Black List is the gun bloggers version of an Emmy or an Oscar…truly an honor. I am beside myself. I can’t believe lil ol’ me got Black Listed. How flippin’ awesome is that?!?! (Pretty durn awesome, if I say so myself) This post is extra special as it is my 100th. I wish to […]

Beware thy neighbor

http://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2011/08/30/cops-confiscate-lakewood-ladys-arsenal-motive-pending I’m posting this via my mobile…found the link via the Facebook page of the Liberty or Zombie podcast. (If I knew how to link their page via mobile,  I would but I’m sure one of them will leave a comment) The most dangerous people out there are your neighbors. The ones who for whatever […]

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