When I first started to entertain the idea of canning, I’ve always pictured being in a rustic log cabin surrounded by the sounds of the forest with my fireplace snapping & popping at one end of my kitchen and my counter lined with empty, glistening glass jars just waiting to be filled with all sorts […]

Today, is National Talk Like a Pirate Day…or, if you have an accent like me, it will sound more like: Tawk like a Pie-rit Day. OR If you don’t sound like me and take advantage of this sweet offer from Krispy Kreme, thankfully posted by Jonathan over at (otherwise I would have missed it), […]

I’ve been blessed with some mad skills. Cooking and baking skills. From the perfect pot roast to the most delectable lasagna to moist cupcakes, there is nothing in the world of cooking that I cannot master. Except baked potatoes and hard boiled eggs. You people have no idea how many hundreds of dollars I’ve wasted […]

Being a Yankee, I grew up with the best mayo ever – Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise. I remember sitting on the kitchen table, in my Sunday best, waiting for the rest of my family to finish getting ready for church when all of a sudden, my mom walks in the kitchen and confiscates the jar of […]

No recipe follows; I used a box mix this time. My birthday was on Friday and I bought some Italian pastries to celebrate – cannoli’s, rainbow cookies and something else that I can’t spell. And I ate it all. The cannoli was satisfying, but the kid in me still wanted cake and the adult in […]

I spent the first day of 2012 at my friend’s house baking cookies. We baked a basic chocolate cookie, rolled and dipped in chopped nuts then finished off with a Hershey’s Kiss secured with basic confectionary icing. Sidenote: we quadrupled the recipe and didn’t have enough walnuts. We used walnuts, almonds and pecans. The dough has to chill […]

I’ve always been the type that with the more time I have, the less I get done. Case in point: Today is Saturday. I woke up at 6:20 am (only 20 minutes later than my usual weekday), got out of bed, debated on whether to hop in the shower right away or to have my coffee […]

The hurricane messed with my errands yesterday. So, I went grocery shopping tonight and came home with my smallest bill yet. Not because of couponing or buy-one/get-one deals. Oh, no. Because of lack of food. My phone died before I could snap a pic of the produce aisle sans produce. It was an eerie sight. […]