When I moved across two states lines just over 5 years ago, I snuck a Demitasse spoon out of my parents utensil drawer. This little spoon’s primary function is for stirring sugar and/or cream into black coffee (espresso/cappuccino). It can also be used for feeding babies (or pretending to feed my babydolls as a child) and in […] I’m posting this via my mobile…found the link via the Facebook page of the Liberty or Zombie podcast. (If I knew how to link their page via mobile,  I would but I’m sure one of them will leave a comment) The most dangerous people out there are your neighbors. The ones who for whatever […]

My father has been collecting piggy banks & ceramic pigs since I’ve been out of high school. Some were gifts, others he found, some he had since he was little. He started by displaying them around the house then made a shelf for them above the window in the den. Those pigs were a fixture […]