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Chicken Cutlets

These cutlets were something that I use to watch my dad make. He would filet the chicken breasts, dip them in flour, egg & breadcrumbs, then fry them in just a little bit of oil. When I first started making these, I used to pound the meat. I soon discovered there was a reason he […]

Home Cookin’

The air has changed this week in the mountains. It was slight, but just enough to know that Autumn is around the corner. The farmers are out doing their thing, some of the leaves are starting to change. School started already. I got a flyer from my oil supplier to lock in rates now before […]

Ogio Bag

An update on my previous post, but with pictures of the bag from OGIO: It arrived quicker than I thought it would and just in time for my new job! Can’t wait to use it! History went all out. That’s not a patch. Here’s a pic of the other side: Under the front flap: Look […]


Yes. I carry. On my person. Today, I was wearing my 1911 then changed it to my CZ when I went to a different store. I also had my last ditch knife on. AND my cell phone. My weapons are defensive weapons, not offensive. Both can be taken away from me by the aggressor. I […]


I got a little sidetracked on my way to Cabela’s yesterday. And yes…I know every picture title says Samsung. I’m just to lazy to change them all right now. Sure, it needs a little bit of work. They are firm on the price. But pictures are free.

Pirates & Jesters

There are two movies that I consider “must see”. They shaped my movie-viewing life. As a teenager, I’ve tortured the children I babysat & a few of my closest friends by making them watch them. As an adult, I appreciate the movie references to them even though others fail to, basically because they don’t know […]

Lookit what I won :)

My blogfather via his podcast has partnered with the History Channel to promote¬† Topshot. (wow…that there’s a lot of links in one sentence) I’ve never won anything in my life except for a few dollars off a lottery scratch-off ticket. But now…I’m gonna be sportin’ this kick-ass messenger bag. I wonder how many firearms it […]

The County Fair

The County Fair was/is open this week from Wednesday – Sunday.¬† I’ve never seen a fair like this growing up on Long Island. They have livestock: cows, pigs, goats, sheep (not zombie), chickens, rabbits, roosters and I’m sure many more that I am probably forgetting. They auction the livestock off before they open daily at […]

In the grips of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. A lot of people who have family members suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease don’t truly understand what is going on. It is one of those diseases that is not only debilitating to the person but affects those around them. In a sense, the person suffering is trapped. They […]