Yankee Born Rebel Heart

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AKs & Cupcakes

I always found it suprising when my friends or family find out I’m into shooting. You see, I’m orginally from NY. The-we-allow-you-to-have-firearms-but-we-declare-them-evil-so-if-you-want-one-you-must-go-through-hoops-to-register-it-and-pay-a-hefty-fee-plus-hope-the-local-liberal-paper-does-not-publish-your-name & address-so-everyone-knows-what-you-own-because-its-really-just-a-matter-of-public record. Part of the reason why I have a rebel heart. There are those who think its really awesome. I find some kindred spirits. Some ask me how I got into […]

First time at the Range

I am what you would call a late bloomer…I shot my first gun when I was 19. It was a run of the mill bolt action 22. My guy was shooting a variety of rifles because when we took a trip to the range, it was a waste to take just one because it was […]

Welcome to the Blog.

Taking a cue from my brother and pushing from a few friends I’ve decided to blog. About what? I’m not exactly sure. But then again, what is a blog if not random posts about nothing in particular. I hope to post often enough to make this interesting. Although, I tend to sign myself up for […]