I don’t even want to look at the date of my latest posting. A lot has happened over these past few years and my empty promises of updating this blog has fallen to the wayside over more important life events.

This Yankee uprooted herself a few years ago and firmly planted her feet down South. Dreams I forgot I had or was discouraged from having started manifesting within a few months, proving that I should have listened to myself all longer, but at the same time, if I did listen to myself earlier that maybe what I have today I wouldn’t have.

There have been struggles, deaths and losses as well over these past few years. Things have happened, good and bad, that the old me might not have been able to handle. Actually, the “old” me is, in reality, the current me…she was just veiled behind the person she thought she was supposed to be and expected to be for quite some time. I still come across some clothing, knickknacks and personal items that I’ve owned during that time and don’t recognize them as mine. Those items have been donated or thrown out. I think back to the friends I had and who knows if we’d still be friends. They may not like me or perhaps, they always saw the true me and would appreciate continuing our friendships.

My core values are more hardened and defined then ever. I’d still give you the shirt off my back but at the same time, I’ve learned that before I do that, I better make sure I have another for myself.

Our daughter just turned one and we have a little boy due within the next month. We get to see the world through their eyes.

The above was a pending post for THREE years. That’s right. Three years. 36 months. 1,095 days. TO THE DAY.

The blog had some issues that I didn’t quite understand. The kids took up more time than expected. There’s been some obstacles that I’ll touch on at some point, another cross country move…but right now, now, I feel like I have a little wiggle room to breathe.

So, I am going to commit myself to at least 1 post per week. I’m not sure what is going on but my mobile app posts aren’t posting so I have to break out my laptop and post from here instead. I’d post more from my app for certain.

There is a lot going on in the world. I’ll try not to bore you with my opinions of current events unless I’m feeling especially cranky.

I’m back for the time being.




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  1. ReplyPatriot64

    Well, it's good to have you back Ma'Lady, and I continue to have you and the children in my prayers. Best regards, Fred (Patriot64) Comella

    • ReplyYankee Born, Rebel Heart

      Thank you, kind sir! Hope all is well

  2. Replyjon spencer

    Welcome back. RSS works, popped up on my NetNewsWire feeder and I said to myself "haven't seen that one in quite awhile".

    • ReplyYankee Born, Rebel Heart


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