30 Days of Thanks

I’ve been updating Facebook daily since November 1 with a quick note of small things to be thankful for. I’m going to elaborate and continue here.

November 1, I thanked my good old friend coffee. Without this elixir,  I’d never get through my days,  good or bad.

Yesterday, November 2, I praised the fact that I broke my shoulder a few weeks ago because it forced me to slow the fuck down and enjoy the time  as time truly does fly.

This morning, I thanked daylight savings for giving me the ability to feel like I have more time in my day since I’m up an hour early according to the clock.

As a teenager, when asked what I was thankful for…in my typical sarcastic yet seriously truthful nature, I answered with a huge smile – sleep. So simple back then as I had no worries,  no bills, no mouths to feed, no gray hair. Took for granted the lazy days laid out ahead of me and slept them away.

Fast forward almost 20 years and here I am at 35, longing for that time period when 35 seemed so damn far away.  When I had hopes, dreams, guesses really of what my future would hold. I squandered my twenties on bullshit, knowing that there was a better life out there somewhere if I only knew when to recognize it when it came.

I’m glad I trusted myself and recognized him before it was too late. More about him in a future thankful post.

I am finally where I am supposed to be. Taking an hour to type out this post on my smartphone while frying bacon, chasing a toddler and feeding a baby. Oh, and pausing to clean up the bubbles that the toddler spilled before the dogs clean it up themselves.

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