Gun control, baseball and death

This post is about this post. I agree with every word and the man behind DaddyBear’s Den says it best.  I saw this article and started the following post for it, but then I read his post this morning. So read his, read mine, but most importantly, read this link:

I am tired of women being defenseless. I am tired of us being the “weaker” sex. I am tired of  reading about women who trust in the justice system to protect them with a piece of paper only for their abuser to not be afraid of it. I am tired, that time and time again, these courts lift a restrainer order or let it expire because the abused woman is too afraid to appear in court, especially when that abuser had a prior history of violence towards other women. I am tired that we all sit by and use the words “alleged” when there are witnesses to horrific acts. I am tired of the fact that women are taught to believe that defending ourselves is not necessary and that others will always be there to protect us. I am tired of women believing guns are bad. 

There is no question that I think every person, especially girls, should learn how to shoot. Every person should be reminded that their life is valuable. That they don’t have to put up with abuse. That the reason they should learn how to shoot is because they value their OWN life. Their life is important to those around them.





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