pups all growed up

we shall begin this post with the very first picture I took of my puppies, a little over a year ago, the first week of May 2012.
otis kali iday

Otis is on the left and Kali is on the right. They are from the same litter and Otis was the first born and Kali the runt. I love the smile on Otis’ face and the expression on Kali’s as if he’s telling his baby sister that he just knows that everything is going to be awesome.

I don’t think I played with them enough when they were puppies. I had no idea what I was doing at the time.

Here they are a few weeks before we picked them up.


This doggy bed lasted a few days, at most. The pups to this day are inseparable.




Otis loves his baby sister very much.



When they weren’t sleeping on the dog bed or the sofa, they’d snuggle up under my desk while I worked; here they are exactly 1 year ago today.



I always thought that Otis was going to be difficult because he was born first with a take charge attitude over his sister. But no. I was wrong. Kali is a first-rate INSTIGATOR.

Kali located a mud puddle in the garden a week or two later and havoc ensued.


They got into a lot of shenanigans, from protecting each other from the evil paper towels and their sidekick – toilet paper:


And they were always on patrol in the backyard, making good use of the boat for a better vantage point.


I laughed when I located this picture below. Both of them fit on the backseat of my car. Now, I can only take one of them at a time with me when I go somewhere because they still like to lie next to each other across the back seat.



Not long  after we got the pups, we found out I was pregnant and I’m sad to admit that for a moment,  if I knew before we got the pups, I might not have wanted them. It’s funny how things work out. I cannot imagine my life without them.

Fast forward a year…

The pups have grown, all my fears about how they’d react to the baby are gone and they love her. 20130421_100217

Although, to be absolutely honest, one particular pup absolutely adores her; Kali will always belong to me, she continues to be at my side ALL the time, but Otis…Otis’s heart now belongs to the baby.





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