United we stand?

Somehow, over the years, gun ownership has become quite the controversy. It has slowly turned from a right into a question of it’s need. The recent tragedy in Connecticut has divided our country on the 2nd Amendment more than I could have imagined.

Cheaper than Dirt has suspended online sales of firearms. Wal-Mart & Dick’s Sporting Goods are pulling ads/firearms. All out of fear of retribution and offending those who (don’t) shop there. Seriously? Did these companies think their decisions through?

What’s worse is the infighting I am seeing among my fellow gun owners on Twitter and Facebook. Here is one paraphrased tweet that sums up the argument quite nicely:

“I’m okay with an assault weapons ban because you can’t use them for hunting”

What?!?! To hear a fellow gun owner call a semi-auto an assault weapon pains me.  “Assault” & “Weapon” are words used to scare and manipulate the masses using a language of fear. Also, you can hunt with semi-autos in certain areas. For me, this statement above epitomizes the “tell on your neighbor and you won’t be punished” theme occurring lately.

Some of you know that I’m a National Match Black Powder Competitive Shooter. I’ve come across many competitors that are so wrapped up in their BP firearms that they simply cannot understand why I have an AK-47. Um…because I like it. No other reason needed besides that.

Banning one type of firearm simply because it’s not one that you use in your life is just as bad as the anti-gunners calling for confiscation. No, it’s worse because you seem to value and understand the 2nd Amendment. All you are doing is turning your back on your fellow gun owners and pointing them out to those who want to strip them of their right while you cling to yours.

No matter what happens, no matter what legislation winds up getting passed, no matter if confiscation does occur…those 20 children were murdered and nothing will bring them back. Instead of fighting with each other on what firearm is better than another, how about we all  exercise our right to bear arms? You like shotguns? Go buy a shotgun. You like AR’s? Go buy one.  Revolvers? buy one for each hand. Bring a friend to a range. Take a class. But above all, stop telling your fellow gun owners/enthusiasts that you are okay with a ban “as long as x” isn’t affected.

Hypocrisy leaves a stench, y’know.


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  1. ReplyBucky Butler

    Nothing left to say, except for Well Done!

    • ReplyYankee Born, Rebel Heart

      Thank you!

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