The countdown begins

Earlier this week I hit the 90 day mark. That’s right…90 days until my little girl is here. 90 days to get prepared for her, to make sure she has the best rated stroller, crib, etc. that we can afford along with canning some baby food for future use. Oh yeah, and starting her college firearm college fund.

I’m fairly new to canning as I’ve only canned off & on for a few years and it was exclusively water bath canning. We recently bought a pressure cooker and after multiple awesome meals, I decided to finally take the plunge and can some veggies.

I had success with collards and chicken soup, so yesterday when I decided to put up some butternut squash it was no big deal to me. I followed the directions completely and was excited to see the results. I was very surprised when I opened the lid to the pressure cooker and one of the Ball jars was split from the bottom up. I didn’t notice until I took it out of the canner. I’ve never had a jar break on me before.

This minor incident reminded me that the best intentions and plans can go awry, especially when you least expect it, even when you follow all the rules.

Like other pregnant women, I’ve been trying to decide which route is best for me to take in about these 90 days. We’ve already had the hospital tour and their philosophy is along the lines of what we want – no forced drugs, no forced inducing, no immediate vaccines…they no longer even have a public nursery and baby gets to stay in my room the entire time. There is no chance of someone swooping in and stealing/swapping out baby girl as me, her daddy & baby will each have a security device on our person that in the event that someone does try to remove her from my room, the entire hospital will shut down and an alarm will sound. Sweet Pea cannot go anywhere without one of us with her during our stay.

After reading multiple books on labor & delivery, I’ve already decided I want as natural a birth as possible. Women are built for this for a reason; our bodies know what to do.  Modern medicine has made labor & delivery easier for the doctor(s) & their schedule, not the mother as her body will go into auto-mode telling her when to push. Am I totally against hospital intervention? No, not by any means. But only if (not when) there is a true medical emergency. It’s just pain. My body is not breaking into pieces. Do I sound overly optimistic? Perhaps. Only time will tell. But I’m hoping by keeping a positive outlook, that even if we do need hospital intervention, everything will work out for the best.

Now I just need to decide what will happen if she doesn’t like AK’s. We can’t have that. What am I going to do with this shirt?

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