Today, is National Talk Like a Pirate Day…or, if you have an accent like me, it will sound more like:

Tawk like a Pie-rit Day.


If you don’t sound like me and take advantage of this sweet offer from Krispy Kreme, thankfully posted by Jonathan over at (otherwise I would have missed it), you will sound like this:

“Shiver me timbers!! One donut please.” (if you just deliver a line, plain clothes)

or, to really get into it…dress up like a pirate and get a whole dozen of those sweet, delicious, glazed donuts:

“Shiver me timbers, me hearty!! Present henceforth to this wench a dozen glazed doubloons to share with my Gentlemen o’ Fortune as we go on the account!” (translation: Good Morning!  I have a team meeting today and it’s my turn to bring the donuts)

I think the key with sounding like a pirate is to REALLY belt it out…I mean, you’re pretending to be a bloody pirate. Make that voice BOOM like a cannon!

Alas…there are no Krispy Kremes nearby and I do not have a pirate outfit so I will not be partaking. But get out there and enjoy a free donut for me!!

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