She did the right thing

I’m not talking about her decision on whether or not to post this, for I am most certainly glad she did. Please read it before you continue reading my post.

What I’m talking about is the most important thing to remember to do in self defense. She stayed outwardly calm. Inside, I’m sure her heart was pounding intensely against her chest wondering what the eff the guy was going to do next, hell, mine was as I read her post.

Let’s talk about assault. Did the guy lay a hand on her? No. He exhibited behavior in which she as a human being has every right to defend herself if for one moment she felt her life was in danger. Behind that calm exterior, she was already planning on defending herself. She knew better than to stand up. She knew that she had more  power to fight against him if he did touch her if she stayed seated. I’m not surprised no one came to help as they were frozen, too, in what…fear? maybe…shock? more likely…the need to not want to get involved? I’m leaning more towards that one.

I cannot say what I would have done in that situation. I cannot guarantee that I would have pulled my firearm had I been on that train with her nor can I say that I would have told the guy to leave her alone; I also cannot guarantee that I would have pulled my firearm if I were her. After all, the guy was *just* screaming at her. She stayed quiet, let him have his fit. Didn’t tell him to “fuck off” knowing that it would most likely escalate to a point where he used her as a punching bag. In public. On a train. Where you cannot run to safety.

The teenage boys..they are still children and were lashing out from afar because she told them to leave her alone; most women have experienced this and although it is annoying, we know that they are just children fluffing their cocks around in front of each other, showing off. If there was just 1 boy, I’m sure he never would have said anything her, but the pack mentality starts growing in groups and you must always be vigilant, calm, aware and prepared like she was. It could have turned ugly, but it didn’t.

If anything, her post solidifies the need for every woman to have some sort of self-defense training; not necessarily with firearms, that can be later on (you all know I want every man, woman and child knowing everything they can about firearms, including safety). Self-defense training should start at a young age – Stranger Danger is taught to all children, why is learning how to defend yourself so focused on boys later on in life?

Society tells us that girls are supposed to be pretty, angelic little things, waiting for their knight to come rescue them. Well, guess what? I hate to break it to you…if you are the type of woman who doesn’t value your own life enough to defend it, you are going to be waiting a loooooooooooong time for that knight. Life isn’t a movie…the caped crusader isn’t going to swoop in and beat up the bad guy for you.  Through no fault of your own you are going to get in situations like she did. You best be prepared mentality for it. Physically won’t hurt either.

Funny how things happen when there are people around. Everyone just watches, no one steps in or even calls 911. Granted, they were on a train what will the cops be able to do? Again, it’s the pack mentality – someone will step in and do something.

She did the right thing. She stayed calm. Assessed the situation. Planned what she was going to do. Didn’t let him see her flinch.  Didn’t escalate it. And no one got sent to the hospital. 



  1. Yes, she did. And her story should send chills up our spines. She didn’t provoke it in any way. This is exactly why we carry. Even carrying, I hope I would have played it just like she did.

    • Yankee Born, Rebel Heart

      I wholeheartedly agree


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