Turn, turn, turn

I was at Barnes & Noble today, buying my two favorite books for my 8 year old godson/nephew’s birthday and this stopped me in my tracks:

I did a double take…”How Guns Won” …can it be? has Time Magazine churned out a positive gun article? Or, at least, brought some journalistic integrity to the subject? Then I read the fine print…uh…when were Americans as a whole, as this implies, ever FOR gun control?

We must have been! I cannot think of any other reason why the cover was published this way. It’s on the COVER of Time!! Hide your children! They must not know of the atrocities we have committed by turning against gun control. *sobbing heavily* WHY, GOD!! WHY!!!

I would have bought the issue, but I didn’t want my purchase being miscounted by their marketing department as an anti-gunner; so, I skimmed the article.

It basically regurgitated every blinded opinion brought forth by the Brady Campaign and by those who are of the “it’s good for me but you cannot have it” attitude. Oh, and not to mention the good old argument “but WHY do you need a hundred rounds of ammo?”

We, as Americans, are passed the point of agreeing to disagree on this subject. The anti-gunners would like for the new generation to conveniently forget that our freedom to own a firearm is just as important (if not the bodyguard to) the 1st Amendment.

I’ve had conversations with people who have no experience whatsoever with firearms, never even seen one in person, who are anti-gun and do not understand why I own many, let alone 1. They quote “statistics” and explain to me why latest unfortunate event due to someone using a firearm proves that guns “should be taken off the street”.

As a gun owner, I am respectful of the anti-gunners in my life. I don’t force my right onto them, although I have told them it is my choice to own one just as it is their choice to not. I don’t bring my firearms into their homes. And they know that if they come to mine, they won’t know where they are but they are within reach if someone breaks into the house while they are here. If there are children coming over, I child-proof my house – put my breakables up higher (or away), lock the liquor cabinet, etc. and watch those kids like a hawk. Other peoples kids will not hurt themselves in my house.

So…I propose that every gun owner in America makes the title of this article come true.

Find your closest friend (or family member)  who is the most anti-gun (you know you have at least 1) and take them to the range. I say your closest friend because you need to realize that they are going to be put in an environment that is so foreign and scary to them that they MUST trust you. It’s kind of funny when you take that person to the range, they watch & get curious. Then, you put a firearm into that person’s hand and they realize that firearms are not so bad. You can almost see the sleep disappearing from their eyes. Now, I’m not saying that they are going to make a full pro-gun turn, but maybe, just maybe you can at least start the wheels turning and make them think and research for themselves instead of basing their opinions on something they read or saw on the “news”.






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