My body, my choice, my means of protection

Stay healthy, eat right and exercise, they tell me. Do relaxing things like yoga and swimming, don’t push yourself too hard…if it sounds fun (rollerblading, running) don’t do it. So I guess a day at the theme park is out. I’m not even allowed to lift more than 25 pounds! Yeah, okay…unfortunately, the doctor was right about that. As I sat in my doctor’s office, I noticed that the shooting sports weren’t mentioned. Is that because once you become pregnant you suddenly lose all your 2nd Amendment convictions?

Oh no! There’s a gun…I’m pregnant!! What do I do!?!?!?

Being pregnant isn’t a handicap. Sure, your center of gravity is different and will continue to change over 9 months. Your hormones are going to be raging. You might break down crying at the range because you’re out of ammo and you realize that you left the other boxes sitting right there on the kitchen counter.

You are not going to go postal at the range just because you have a firearm. You are not going to shoot the cashier at your local grocery store because you are carrying. Just because you have a screwdriver in your hand to fix a drawer doesn’t mean that you are going to shove that screwdriver into your loved one’s ear.

When doing a google image search for “pregnant women shooting” don’t expect  images of full term pregnant women shooting AK47’s.  That will not be an image search I will be doing again any time soon.

After clicking page after page of results, I finally found this picture of Olympic Competitive Shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi on, of all sites,…but then I realized of course this would be the picture that they published. Subliminal anti-gun message accomplished. I am sure this was a publicity shot and I don’t want to hear the bullshit. Here’s a much nicer article from The Blaze.

It’s a nice profile shot of her baby bump. And I think it is beautiful. I will hereby be rooting for the 8 month pregnant shooter from Malaysia.

I can’t help but wonder what restrictions a US doctor would put on her. I don’t really want to know, but I do wonder.

Pregnant women aren’t unstable. If anything, they (most) will value life more and want to protect their families, their growing bellies and themselves. After scrolling through all those horribly gruesome Google images and reading the articles (because I just could NOT stop myself), my internal refusal to be a victim just went up infinite levels.  One woman wanted a baby so desperately, she literally cut the baby out of the mother and left her for dead. Another article…a pregnant woman left her abusive husband and he beat her belly so bad that the baby almost died. And another, a small group of thugs jumped a pregnant woman in a parking lot because they looked at her as an easy target.

We live in a scary world. I’m not saying that I think any of that will happen to me.  I’m more worried about a zombie apocalypse than being looked at as an easy target.

A big ol’ pregnant belly might be just the right amount of concealment that my handgun needs. Maybe I’ll be able to conceal a rifle, too.

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  1. ReplyWalt

    Before my wife became pregnant with our daughter, we used to hit the range together once or twice per month. We didn't stop shooting together because of physical abilities, or a concern that she was going through mood swings, we stopped due to a few things we came across on the web. We had read a couple of random things that handling ammo (mainly the .22 we were shooting) could lead to lead exposure problems. In addition, the repeated concussion of center-fire rounds going off could lead to problems during the later stages of pregnancy. We still don't know if any of those things are true or not but we decided to platy it safe and put the range trips on hold until after the pregnancy. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to make those range trips happen again. Maybe in a few more years when my daughter is old enough to shoot we can pick it back up as a family activity.

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