Burgers and “Chicken”

For lunch today, I decided to treat myself to some McD’s. I got a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon, and I gotta say…next time I am going to Wendy’s for a Baconator.

Maybe something happened to my taste buds since going paleo, but the DQP did not taste as yummy as I remember it being. It didn’t even look like the picture.

The Baconator, the last time I had one (about a month ago) was downright delish. AND IT LOOKED LIKE THE EFFING PICTURE. It also helped that the burger actually tasted, well, fresh.

That being said…I still ate the DQP because I was hOngry. It has now turned me off DQP’s forever. So,I guess, mission accomplished in some sort of way.

Before I went to McD’s…I had to stop by the Winn Dixie for some garlic and peppers because I am about to make the most awesome sweet and sour chicken for dinner tonight. Granted, I’ve never made it before, but it is extremely rare for me to make something to eat that isn’t just downright scrumptious (unless I get distracted and forget an important ingredient like the chicken.)

This is not the Sweet & Sour chicken I am making.

I’ve been noticing a phenomenon in parking lots lately. And it is really pissing me off. When did the memo get sent out that once you hit your teenage years you no longer have to look where you are going when there are cars around? You just walk straight out of whatever store you are in (Wal-Mart, Target, McD’s, Winn Dixie, the MALL, whathaveyou) straight into oncoming traffic in a parking lot.

It’s not just the teenagers…the adults are worse! I just watched a man and his kids walk right out of Winn Dixie into the parking lot and they almost got hit by a big pickup truck. The man turned and cursed out the driver. Really? WHY DIDN’T YOU LOOK WHERE THE FUCK YOU WERE GOING??? What happened to teaching your kids to look both ways before crossing any street.

An adult will maybe get a few broken bones if hit by a car driving at 5mph in a parking lot. A child can die. You are taught from the moment you learn how to walk to not run into the street because THERE COULD BE A CAR COMING. WTF happened???

Don’t these people realize that they ARE TINY compared to a vehicle? Have they forgotten that said vehicles have BLIND SPOTS?  Stopping your feet from walking is faster than a car can stop. How the eff am I supposed to see you walking directly next to my car while I am backing out of my parking spot? Are you playing “chicken”?

Is it really too much of me to ask that people be more conscious of where they are going? You can’t wait an extra 30 seconds for the vehicle to pass you? No…you have to take your sweet ass time walking as slow as possible not paying attention at all to your surroundings. 

I am installing a speaker system on my Jetta along with some 50 cal machine guns and if people refuse to abide by my “GET OUT OF MY WAY” I will clear my own path…because after all, I forgot…we are living in a litigious society and I may as well help them on their way to the hospital without getting any scratches or dents on my car.





  1. Paleo huh? I’ve been looking into trying that “lifestyle change” just this week. Though the whole no dairy really messes with my head. How long have you switched to paleo?

    And Mickey D’s just sucks anymore. Ours has changed their cheese and it tastes like its been dropped on the floor and stomped on by 20 muddy boots. It’s suppose to be their new “smoked” flavor. GAG!

    • Yankee Born, Rebel Heart

      Dairy was difficult…I still eat yogurt and i’ll have cheese on occasion. I’m not severely strict with it; I just stopped eating any pasta, beans, corn products, bread, processed foods, etc. I drink my tea with milk. I lost about 20 lbs since I started mid March ish. If I really want something not on the paleo list, I eat it, i just don’t go overboard. You will notice that your palate changes and you will be able to taste the “fake” in the processed foods. I made a lasagna with the works this weekend…it was delish!! But I went right back to paleo afterwards. Your cooking repertoire will feel limited at first, but you’ll see that you will start finding creative ways to prepare meals without the carbs and dairy. One thing i love to make is a pot roast with veggies…it is so good you don’t even miss the potatoes. Just don’t deprive yourself, but don’t go overboard either. I did it with baby steps – cut one item out a day until I was 90% paleo. PLUS – i am pregnant and only get morning sickness if i eat “too many” carbs. Go fig.


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