It wasn’t us; the hose made us do it

What happens when you work from home and put the puppies out back because you are facing a looming deadline?

You forget they are puppies that just won’t stay out of the garden. Especially when the hose is on.

yum! mud!!

I’ve come to realize that the quieter they are, the more shenanigans they get themselves into.

mud...the new, improved formula for a nice & shiny coat.

You would also think, being that they loved the mud so much, that bathing them would be a breeze. Not so…no. Not at all. They do not like warm, clean water. Oh, no…only the best mud puddle for them.

They are now sleeping nicely this morning in my home office, not a trace of mud left on them.

Unfortunately, Otis is still kinda sticky because I couldn’t get all the soap rinsed off him. A trip to the groomer is in their future.



Comments ( 2 )

  1. ReplyDaddyBear

    Hey, if you wanted them to stay clean, then you wouldn't have put them out in the yard with all that gorgeous mud. I feel your pain. I'm pretty sure my labs are part pig, given how much they like to wallow in the mud.

    • ReplyYankee Born, Rebel Heart

      I love watching them have fun...they just seem to do it at the most inopportune times.

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