Missed Linkage

I must say, I always feel honored when one of my posts get reposted and I try to thank each and every one in their comment section.

Unfortunately, I don’t always catch them. I sometimes get an email, most of the time I do not. Today, while updating something here, I noticed that I missed this repost.

Borepatch was one of the first bloggers, who does NOT know me, to post something of mine.  BOREPATCH!! My goodness gracious…I’m honored that he does.

I’m still learning the unspoken blogging rules.  I read a lot of blogs and always felt like I was crossing the lines of plagerism with a repost, but I’ve realized that if my post was good enough for them to get a chuckle it’s about time that I start returning the favor.

So, from here on in, I am setting a goal that if I read something that makes me laugh, makes me think or just requires reposting, I’m doing just that.



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