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I was not asked to do this review. I just love this product so much that I feel compelled to tell you all about it. And since this is my first review of someone’s product that they worked their butt off on, hang in there, k? I’m doing my best.

I started this blog a while back and as I’ve tweeted my posts, I’ve gained some pretty cool followers, who also happen to be shooters of various disciplines. As a recreational & competitive shooter myself, I’ve wondered how they kept track of all their firearms and accessories.  Personally, I’ve been looking for software to help me in that area. Alan, known professionally as @MyGunDB on Twitter, has answered that question.

My Gun Database is a revolutionary firearm inventory system not to be confused with a range log. This is for your inventory, even though Alan is working on a few updates and it looks like a range log may be coming at some time in the future.

This is one of the most detailed and easiest databases I’ve come across. The program is built on Adobe AIR® therefore it will run on Windows, Mac OS X v10.5+ and Linux. This database meets the ATF Digital Bound Book requirements.

Upon installing the program directly from the website and entering my registration code, I was prompted to update Adobe Air. I was pleasantly surprised by the interface as I was a little leery on how new user friendly it would be. I did not want to spend hours trying to figure out how to enter my data…I wanted to be able to manipulate the fields and not be locked out by the drop down lists like in other databases and spreadsheets. My fear was unfounded – just for the hell of it I typed in all the details for my Makarov. No errors, no stress = One happy shooter.

Everything on the right side of the above screen shot has been typed in by the user. The fields are self-explanatory: Importer, Identifier, Firearm Type, etc. you just select from the drop down or type it in yourself.

I love intuitive software. Whatever the buttons say they do, they do. If you type something in a field, it will add itself to the drop down list as long as one firearm is tied to it. Just click various fields in the database…you will love the options that pop up. There are sub categories under certain tabs. On the Accessory Tab for instance, there are 3 more options: Attached, Not Attached and Holsters.

Sure, you can use your old battered notebook with grease stains on the pages and risk a paper cut on your trigger finger the morning of a competition while looking up your most recent stats. You could even attempt to create an Excel Spreadsheet from scratch and transcribe that old notebook. But why do that when there is a database out there that will even create reports for you? AND allow you to add pictures of your own firearms to it? No more stock images. YOUR FIREARMS.

I really liked the fact that the accessory pictures you upload correspond to the firearm they belong to. There is enough space to type as much of a description about the accessory that you want. Heck…I might even upload a picture or two of my latest target because that’s how I roll.

As a recreational shooter (whether you are a weekender or a competitor), having a database where you can keep track of maintenance on your guns as well as the type of ammo you use is a timesaver. Do you reload? Check out this screen shot:

For the collector, regardless if you have less than 5 or more than 150 firearms, the ability to print a report of the total value of your firearms is a great feature for insurance purposes. Or even if you are just curious on how much money you have spent on this hobby.

As I stated earlier, this database meets the ATF requirements for a digital bound book which means FFL’s are already using it. I think that is pretty cool…being able to use something that the professionals use and in the same way. The features are the same. I see the potential for Security firms and Law Enforcement to start using this.

You keep your firearms safe in, well, a safe.  Your database is password protected and you can even back up this database to your Dropbox account (one of a few options). Try the free version…you will appreciate the difference and I’m pretty sure that once you start using this database you will upgrade to the Full Version and you will not regret it.

There are so many features that I keep getting distracted from writing this review. I could sit here and list them all, but I’m not going to do that. I will tell you that Alan has worked very hard to make this database the best it can be and he is very approachable to his users as he is a shooter as well, not just a programmer hired by some company to create this database.

My Gun Database is very reasonably priced – $19.95 for a basic registration (disables some tabs and limits pics to three per firearm) and $39.95 for the full registration with all the features. The free version is limited to only 10 firearms. Right now, they are donating 5% of all sales to The Wounded Warrior Project.

If this post gets retweeted at least 10 times, those retweeters will be entered to win a free registration, courtesy of Maggie.


  1. Chuck D

    SOunds like a great tool for anyone into guns….

  2. Tony

    I’ve been using this database ever since I started shooting in late 2011… love it! It’s great that the creator is constantly updating it based on user input. 5 stars from me!


  3. The software looks great but the price is a drawback for me. I own less than 10 guns and $40 seems a bit steep to inventory them. If I had 25+ guns in my collection, I could most definitely see making the investment.

    Perhaps I’ll install it and mess around with the free license. If it wins me over, the $20 basic registration may be in order (easier to accept with my small collection).

    Thanks for the review

    If the range log addition, that you mentioned in the head of your review, happens then a lot changes and I can see dropping $40 on a license (I shoot USPSA and having one application to inventory my guns and track my shooting would be awesome).


    • Hey Walt,

      I’m the developer of MyGunDB, so I hope you don’t mind me popping in.

      the thing is, if you have less than 10 firearms like you say then you don’t need to purchase a license! In fact, if you have 10 or less, you shouldn’t purchase the Basic license — it would disable some features… It’s fully free if you have 10 or less firearms — nothing is disabled.

      When I began selling MyGunDB, I decided to always keep a fully functional free version for those that have a small collection. It was my way of giving back to the community because the program was built on 95% user feedback and wouldn’t be half of what it is if it weren’t for them.

      The basic version came about because not everyone needed all the extra functionality and I felt though shouldn’t have to pay for what they don’t need.

      On the other hand, for those with a larger collection, I felt the price of 2 boxes of .45 isn’t a bad price for keeping your gear organized. Especially considering how much it costs to feed Maggie every month! :D

      Oh, and please feel free to contact me through my site and let me know what you’re looking for in a range log as a USPSA shooter. I’m sketching up the range log addon and mobile version of it in my ToDo list while taking breaks on working on the next desktop release and working on the new mobile version.


      • I have stumbled onto this site by accident. I too have been using an Excel DB to catalog my weapons. I have a few questions:

        1. Can this be appended into the database in any way?

        2. Can you make your own “classifications” i.e.
        Long guns
        Center fire
        Class 3
        Full auto

        3. Can you input all ammo to inoventory that as well?
        Pistol ammo
        rim fire
        center fire
        Rifle ammo
        rim fire
        Center fire
        Reloading components

        4. I have a network drive on my home LAN. If I installed the program on the Network drive (z:\), would I be able to run the program with ANY of my computers on the network? (Laptops, desktops, MacBooks and iPad)

        As you can see, this would make this program a gun collector/enthusiast’s extremely awesome tool. I’ll buy a fully licenced copy for my home and probably both of my sons.


        • Unfortunately, the listings didn’t submit as I typed them. I was trying to show subtrees under each type of weapon, ammo and components.

        • Yankee Born, Rebel Heart

          The developer has made many enhancements since this review. Please feel free to go to their website and check out the database


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