Monthly archives "March 2012"

24-Hour Cupcakes Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Damn. I wish I thought of that. Guess I just have to keep dreaming about my food truck.

Annoying little sister

I have 2 older brothers. They both left for college before I was in 6th grade, so basically during my teenage years I was an only child. I did my best work in my younger years. They should thank me for being such a cool little sister who never ever ever annoyed them. Okay, okay…even […]

Too long without shooting

It’s been three months since I’ve been shooting. Three. Long. Months. The nearest public range is about an hour away from me & let’s face it, not only was I spoiled by how close the range was before I moved (1 mile) I took it for granted and did not go nearly as much as […]