Picture worth a thousand words


I’m not sure who created this in order to give proper credit (I’m posting via my mobile & can’t make out the icon below the title); it was emailed to me by one of my oh-my-God-how-can-you-even-think-about-touching-a-firearm friends. Surprisingly…she’s a wee bit less snobbish seeing how people like her are portayed by someone who shoots.

All I know is…it’s one of the best “What I Do” layouts I’ve seen.


  1. urishkish says:

    Great “What I Do” image.
    I keep finding all these great gunnie blogs out on the interwebz; my bookmarks listing is getting a little long.
    Good stuff here. Of course it is intimidating a little to a newbie like me, but I’m mainly just writing to write anyway- so I’ll just add you to my list to learn from. See, I just dangled a participle or ended on a preposition or some damn grammar thing.

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