Jump Rope – Save a Heart

My 7-year old nephew called me out of the blue today.

It turns out, he’s jumping rope at school to raise money “because of the hearts” which I translated into The American Heart Association. Which just happens to be close to my heart. Heh.

His goal: $500.00

Here’s his pitch: (keep in mind, he’s developed some weird hybrid of a Brooklynese accent which I attribute to how much time he spends with my parents)

Nephew: Aunt Christine …I’m cawlin’ you ta-day becawse I’m jumping rope for the hearts and I need donations.

Me: That’s a great cause! How much do you need?

My brother in the background: DON’T ASk HIM THAT!

Nephew: well you see, Aunt Christine, its for the hearts.

At this point I don’t know if I should be proud of him or terrified because someone taught him how to negotiate. Twice, he has said my name  Twice.

I offer $20 at which point he tells me he’s trying to raise $500 and I tell him that’s some goal he’s got there.

Nephew: Aunt Christine; there’s too much noise in the background…hang on…I’m gonna go downstayers so we can tawk.

He tells me his baby sister, my sweet gullible niece who wants nothing but to please her brother, gave him all her money : $5. And that he emptied his ENTIRE wallet.

And I fall for it.

I offer to match both my niece’s five bucks and his ENTIRE wallet. Never expecting the amount he tells me; he’s saving for some ginormous Lego set and never would I have thought he’d have more than $25 in his wallet.

Hook, line and sinker.

$58.25 he tells me proudly.

I should have kept my mouth shut. Just as I’m about to say, “Wow, Jackie-boy, you sure saved a lot.” He again says:

Aunt Christine…it’s for the heaaaaaaarts.

I almost laugh. I got taken by a 7 year old. I tell him that I’ll mail a check this week.

I hear him running up the stairs, yelling for his dad, my brother, myself bracing for my brother to tell me to not mail that much(which he does ) but I gave my nephew my word and after all…

It’s for the heaaaaaaarts .

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