Gimme back my lunch!

I grew up eating lunches just like this little girl (sans whole wheat – my sandwiches were on white bread or kaiser rolls). I was “underweight” til middle school,  when I started buying school lunches. Buying lunch was a special treat up until then. A whole new world of food opened up before me…cardboard pizza, hockey puck burgers, sawdust chicken nuggets….fruit ‘juice’, skim milk.(ew). It was different from what I was used to eating and I fell into the school lunch scam.

Inspection of homemade lunches is not news to me, it’s just one more step. The food police was around 20 + years ago. When I was in 8th grade, the school district got rid of all vending soda machines as well as all snacks not made by the dietary staff. No more single serve bags of Lays Chips or Rold Gold pretzels; these were replaced by freshly made oil soaked chips & hot pretzels. Gone were the 2-packs of Devil Dogs, Funny Bones & Hostess cupcakes. Ugh don’t want to know what they replaced them with.

What was gone were the options, the ability to make a choice. On your plate they piled 6 chicken nuggets , 24 shoestring fries, a “juice” and a hot pretzel. Oh! You don’t want fries? They’d pile on more and take back a nugget.

They were preparing for this. Seeing how far they could go, ever so slowly, to now throwing away your lunch so you have to buy theirs. It’s a scam. They just want your money under the ruse of a healthy lunch, hiding behind the needs of children.

Taking a child’s homemade lunch ….how much lower can you get? I picture the ‘officials’ sitting in their offices surrounded by piles of brown paper sacks,  gorging themselves on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while the kids fill their bellies with the sawdust nuggets made edible only by the mountain of ketchup on their plates.

When do the weekly weigh-ins start?

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