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Sugar Zombie

No recipe follows; I used a box mix this time. My birthday was on Friday and I bought some Italian pastries to celebrate – cannoli’s, rainbow cookies and something else that I can’t spell. And I ate it all. The cannoli was satisfying, but the kid in me still wanted cake and the adult in […]

Picture worth a thousand words

I’m not sure who created this in order to give proper credit (I’m posting via my mobile & can’t make out the icon below the title); it was emailed to me by one of my oh-my-God-how-can-you-even-think-about-touching-a-firearm friends. Surprisingly…she’s a wee bit less snobbish seeing how people like her are portayed by someone who shoots. All […]

Gun Review: CZ 75 B Limited Edition It’s a review. Read it. Think I’m gonna have to get it, even though I already have one in Stainless. You can’t have too many CZ ‘s. Speaking of CZ’s…I’ve almost narrowed down a holster. It’s about time.

Jump Rope – Save a Heart

My 7-year old nephew called me out of the blue today. It turns out, he’s jumping rope at school to raise money “because of the hearts” which I translated into The American Heart Association. Which just happens to be close to my heart. Heh. His goal: $500.00 Here’s his pitch: (keep in mind, he’s developed […]

Gimme back my lunch! I grew up eating lunches just like this little girl (sans whole wheat – my sandwiches were on white bread or kaiser rolls). I was “underweight” til middle school,  when I started buying school lunches. Buying lunch was a special treat up until then. A whole new world of food opened up before me…cardboard […]

They don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Nor do they need no stinkin’ personal boundaries. I’m an American. I’m proud we have the right to protest, freedom of religion, etc. And, of course, the right that holds them all together. 😉 It looks like some Occupiers forgot why they are occupying in the first place.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download […]

Download Full Movie Manhattan Night (2016)

Manhattan Night (2016) HD Director : Brian DeCubellis. Release : May 20, 2016 Country : United States of America. Production Company : DeCubellis Films. Language : English. Runtime : 113 min. Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller. Movie ‘Manhattan Night’ was released in May 20, 2016 in genre Crime. Brian DeCubellis was directed this movie […]

Time for a holster

I am in DIRE need of a few holsters. I’ve been carrying my CZ-75 half-assed in a belly-band in the small of my back; it’s comfy therefore I’ve been putting off purchasing a “real” holster. It works with all my handguns; surprisingly, it’s the most uncomfortable when I carry my Kel-Tec P3AT. I’ve tried carrying […]