Recently I chatted with Charlie Pratt, co-founder and CEO of Gunway. Here is a bit of our conversation:

So, what is Gunway?

Gunway is the world’s premier firearms & outdoor network.

Nice. What does that mean?

Gunway is an online place to build your identity, connect with others, and share information.

What made you want to do this now?

We were fed up with the lack of world-class technology and connectivity in the firearms & outdoor community. We believe there is a huge opportunity in creating a beautiful product that allows us to connect and grow this community.

How do you plan to achieve that connection and growth?

Gunway is launching with two primary features: People and Questions. We believe this is and always will be the core of Gunway. In our experiences and research, we found that there was no focus on identity, no focus on the people themselves and their unique stories, perspectives, and needs. We decided to build a place where their unique voice and perspective can shine, but more importantly – become useful in sharing information with each other.

What is Questions?

Questions is super-simple. It’s a place to ask questions to the world. Users can post questions, publicly or anonymously, and receive instant feedback from all over the world from other people. We have also implemented a search bar so users can look for questions they have that have already been asked by someone else. The firearms and outdoor community has a tendency to be very fragmented and isolated – we wanted to do something to change that.

Sounds a lot like Facebook or Twitter. What’s different about Gunway?

By constraining our product to the firearms & outdoor community, Gunway is much better prepared to serve its users than Facebook or Twitter. This allows us to be creative and innovate in ways that the big networks can’t. We’re really excited about the possibilities, and are already working on some very big ideas.

Is Gunway free?

Yes, Gunway is free for our users. We like free. It’s also our internal motto: “Be Free.”

Is it private?

Gunway is what the user makes of it. We’ve built in privacy features so our users control what other people see. But we also make it easy to share and distribute information, as we believe that’s the best way to grow this community.

WHO is Gunway?

Gunway is led by a team of three co-founders from Charlotte, NC. We also work with an amazing development team in Silicon Valley who bring our designs and ideas into reality.

Gunway sounds amazing.

 I just have one more question. When do you launch?

Monday, November 14, 2011. Tell your friends.


  1. Aww YBRH is growing up! First interview! grats!


  2. I just headed over to Gunway and the landing page looks very familiar. I think I may have submitted my email for the beta testers list and never heard anything back.

    I’m curious to see the product and how it compares to places such as GunUp.


    • @Walt -

      We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got. Our beta subscribers have been very patient these months while we’ve been building our product. Thanks for being a part of it, we think it’ll be worth the wait. Go Gunway!


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