Coal Heat

I live in the mountains. It gets so cold up here that my electric bill skyrockets so we have to heat the house with coal. Very 1880, huh?

Except, well, now instead of getting a delivery, a pickup truck is borrowed; we go to the coal mine, load up the truck and shovel it into bins by hand. Which…I guess, is 1880.

It’s a nice warm heat. Although, it does get very hot so it’ll be like 20degrees out and all the windows will have to be opened because the house is hitting 80.

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  1. ReplyWalt

    A friend of mine uses a wood stove to heat his home in the winter. It seems to work really well for him and is very warm, just like you mentioned with coal. When I go over to visit him, sitting in the house too long results in my dosing off on the couch. It is easy to fall asleep with that type of heating system. At home I use home heating oil. It gets the job done but it gets very expensive.

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