Monthly archives "November 2011"


I’ve been playing the cello since I was in the 4th grade. Originally, I picked up the viola in 3rd grade but for whatever reason I didn’t like it very much. I don’t know know why. I just didn’t. So stop wondering. I always enjoyed playing my cello but I never strived to be as great as those […]

Recently I chatted with Charlie Pratt, co-founder and CEO of Gunway. Here is a bit of our conversation: So, what is Gunway? Gunway is the world’s premier firearms & outdoor network. Nice. What does that mean? Gunway is an online place to build your identity, connect with others, and share information. What made you want […]

Coal Heat

I live in the mountains. It gets so cold up here that my electric bill skyrockets so we have to heat the house with coal. Very 1880, huh? Except, well, now instead of getting a delivery, a pickup truck is borrowed; we go to the coal mine, load up the truck and shovel it into […]