The Farmer Says

By now, you all probably know that I’m very green in the ways of the country life. So when the Farmer across the way tells me something, I tend to believe him.

He’s usually right more often than not. So when he told me a few years ago that “The date of the first snowfall equals the number of snowfalls we’ll have”, I thought he was teasing this Long Island girl.

(Snowfall…not snowstorm…there’s a difference apparently.)

He was right. It happened last year. It happened the year before that. And today is October 29. That means that we can look forward to 29 snowfalls.

Right now we’re expecting 6-10 inches of snow. I woke up to icy rain. As of this writing, its turned to small fluffy snowflakes.

I’m ready for it. I’ve got a pantry full of flour, sugar & all sorts of goodies for baking.

And plenty of coal for heat.

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  1. ReplyLB @ Bullets And Biscuits

    Oh yes, never doubt a farmer. They know their shit. We were raised to count the foggy mornings in September and that will tell you how many snow storms you will have that upcoming winter.

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