The Cupcake Code

Do you know The Cupcake Code?


That’s too bad…I’ve been tweeting with a great group of female shooters, in particular (and in aphabetical order):


We know the Code. We live it. We live it everyday when we strap on a firearm for self protection. We live it every day when we thank God for our good Grace of being born in the greatest country in the world.  We live it everyday as strong, fierce, independent women.

If you follow me on Twitter (@chriszump) you’ve seen my hashtag #cookingwithchris. It’s usually followed by a blog post of whatever I cooked. Combine that with today’s convo about cupcakes (orgasmic via @jeepsngunsgirl), shooting & bourbon icing (by @coyotehaven007)


How friggin awesome is this t-shirt  @KillTargetGC made?!?!?



  1. GREAT Gobs of #OrgasmicCupcakes I love this blog!! Best guntoting chic tweetpeeps EVER!!!


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