Never Go Hungry Again

As a Yankee, I’ve never had the opportunity to experience Southern foods. Sure, I’ve lived with family in Virginia, but…they were family. Italian. Half of me. Fried chicken to us was bought from KFC or was what you’ve seen as my chicken cutlets on another post. (They are really goooooooooood)

But I gotta tell ya something…I’ve been getting tired of making the same old thing: lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, meatballs, on & on & on. I’m tired of making rouladen & sauerbraten.  I know! You’re probably screaming at me right now for complaining about the foods I grew up with but…dare I say it….they’ve become stale.

I needed inspiration.

I needed a new cookbook. And, of course, I didn’t follow the directions. I can’t help it. May be a Yankee but I’m still a Rebel.

I wish I had more pics. I only have the finished product. And no gravy. I broke a rule. I forgot the gravy. Do you remember that old Looney Tunes cartoon? Every time I make gravy, whether its Italian, red, brown or white, it always bring me back to watching this cartoon with my brothers.

My first attempt at Chicken-Fried Steak a few weeks ago came out pretty damn good. My second attempt this past weekend sucked ass. I didn’t forget the gravy this past weekend though.

Let me just grab my DeLorean so I can combine the two and make my first attempt complete.

Now armed with my new cookbooks, I’m hoping my Italian influence doesn’t do too much damage to these delicious Southern recipes.


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