You Might be a Skirmisher if…


Every National, I stop by the souvenir shop and make a purchase. I bought this T-Shirt about 5 Nationals ago and it is my favorite item by far.

I don’t agree with the order of the top ten reasons you know you are a Skirmisher, but they are true:

1. You would rather own a Civil War gun than a modern one.

2. You know what a slider is and you eat it anyway.

3. You don’t mind driving for 20 hours and to shoot for 35 minutes.

4. You love the smell of black powder in the morning.

5. You know more recipes for lube than your favorite food.

6. You have ever been asked “You do WHAT???”

7. You know what “Shenandoah Sunshine” is.

8. You have ever had a cookoff and food wasn’t involved.

9. You have ever been asked “Is that a real cannon?”

10. You keep telling yourself “This is JUST a hobby.”




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  1. ReplyMad Saint Jack

    Small type is small. :p (I grabbed the image so could zoom in.)

  2. Replybrigid

    Oh that is just awesome!!! There is NOTHING like the smell of blackpowder in the morning.

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