Just do it.

I don’t know what happens in the men’s room, other than I picture leather sofas lining the walls and a lil old man standing by the door wearing the most expensive suit imaginable holding a silver tray with cigars in a neat little row with a crisp, white towel over his arm.

I know what happens in the ladies room. And I must say…there are no sofas. There is an unspoken rule though. I’m sorry ladies. But it is utterly ridiculous and I am compelled to give life to this rule.

Every time I walk into the ladies room (regardless where I worked), there are always at least two out of six stalls occupied. What are you doing in there? What are you waiting for? Are you reading? I don’t hear pages turning. Are you texting during work hours? What is so difficult about doing your business and moving on? Why do you think we go in there? Do you really think holding it in until you are alone is working out well for you? Because it’s not.

Ladies…we all poop. There. I said it. Now that it is out in the open, let’s work on why we don’t. Poop. In public. Hmmm….

I’ve come up with a few reasons. The number 1 being that we just do not want to be rude. The second being, that, as females, we are brought up that it is as an embarrassing bodily function. Children have no problem with this. So how is it that women in this day and age can be CEO’s of major companies/run for President/insert male dominated field here but we still can’t poop in a public restroom?


Just do it. I dare you. I promise you will feel better.

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  1. ReplyJP

    This is a shitty post. Also, I don't know any mens rooms like that. :D

  2. ReplyBrokenTrace

    Thanks for the giggle!

  3. ReplyNorth

    My wife has said all of this. Apparently women will hole up in a stall until they can be alone to make noise.

  4. Replycthawkman

    Couches in bathrooms? This fantasy of yours must take place at the mall.

  5. ReplyLB @ Bullets And Biscuits

    This is all so true! I actually like to hang around and take a longggggg time washing my hands, etc just so they have to suffer holding all that shit in ;)

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