Monthly archives "October 2011"

Mine Fire

On this Halloween Eve (yes, I know…technically, Halloween is All Hallow’s Eve,  bear with me here) gather round with your favorite Mason jar of spiked lemonade, sweet tea, what-have-you and sit a spell while I tell you a story. What you see below is part of Route 61 here in Pennsylvania. For those of you […]

The Farmer Says

By now, you all probably know that I’m very green in the ways of the country life. So when the Farmer across the way tells me something, I tend to believe him. He’s usually right more often than not. So when he told me a few years ago that “The date of the first snowfall […]

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Never Go Hungry Again

As a Yankee, I’ve never had the opportunity to experience Southern foods. Sure, I’ve lived with family in Virginia, but…they were family. Italian. Half of me. Fried chicken to us was bought from KFC or was what you’ve seen as my chicken cutlets on another post. (They are really goooooooooood) But I gotta tell ya […]

Changing of the Seasons

You know it’s Autumn when you drive to work and see every house on your commute down the mountain into the city with tendrils of smoke spewing from their chimneys. Rolling your window down, inhaling the cool crisp morning air, you can decifer which home is burning wood vs coal. (We burn coal for heat, […]

Brillo to the rescue!!!

When I moved across two states lines just over 5 years ago, I snuck a Demitasse spoon out of my parents utensil drawer. This little spoon’s primary function is for stirring sugar and/or cream into black coffee (espresso/cappuccino). It can also be used for feeding babies (or pretending to feed my babydolls as a child) and in […]

You Might be a Skirmisher if…

Every National, I stop by the souvenir shop and make a purchase. I bought this T-Shirt about 5 Nationals ago and it is my favorite item by far. I don’t agree with the order of the top ten reasons you know you are a Skirmisher, but they are true: 1. You would rather own a Civil […]