Happy Trails

When I saw number on my caller ID this morning, I thought I severely overslept and groggily answered. It was my neighbor & I figured he was calling to see what we were doing today and the convo went like this:

Neighbor: “Mornin’ Chris!! You ever see a wagon train?”

Me (what did he just say): “Morning….what?”

Neighbor: “It should be in front of your house in 10 minutes”

Me: “Oh! Okay, thanks!” (thinking I MUST be dreaming) “Have a great day!”

I clicked the talk button off. Pulled the blankets over my head and told myself no more sleeping pills. That dream was just a little too real. I had the phone IN MY HAND. Disturbed by that,  I got out of bed and there’s my guy in the living room pulling on a sweatshirt and tells me to finish getting dressed and to come out on the porch.

As soon as my bare feet hit the wet porch, my cell phone rings. It’s my neighbor’s wife.

Neighbor’s Wife: “CHRIS!! Are you guys home?”

Me: “Yes, your husband just called” (I must not have been dreaming)

Neighbor’s Wife: “Okay. That was why I was calling. Bye”

And we hung up. I figured my guy must’ve been on the phone when my neighbor initally called. He was excited. He was playing with the camera function on his phone and slowly it dawned on me. But no…it couldn’t be. A real wagon train? Complete with horses and riders?

The lead Rider (or whatever you call him) was kind enough to tell us that they are riding from Gettysburg up to the Poconos. By CAR thats a good 2-4 hours depending on what your definintion of The Poconos is. I’m somewhere inbetween.

While uploading the pics, I noticed that “Vision Quest” was printed on the canvas as well. So, I used the Google.:

Wait…what does that sign say?

I hope the weather stays dry long enough for them to get to their next rest stop.

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  1. ReplyJP

    That is pretty cool.

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