Pink is Sexy…and lethal

We’ve all heard the “What kind of gun should I get my wife?” question and the response “A pink one”. Seriously? Would you ask what kind of hammer to get your wife? What do you think she would say if she told you she wanted a hammer and you came home with a teensy little hammer? How is she supposed to pound that deck stair down that the kiddies keep tripping over with a teensy little hammer?

I’m not against pink guns. It’s just a color. PINK guns are just as accurate and deadly and as fun to shoot as the rest. What I don’t like is people assuming that in order to get a woman to be interested in shooting that it MUST be pink. It’s just not possible that she might actually be interested in firearms, is it? Mindblowing.

As if the only thing attracting her to a firearm is that it is PINK. What she wants is a gun. Probably one that she’s seen you shoot. Because you do INVITE her to the range, correct? INVITE your wife or girlfriend to the range and let her shoot what she wants in your arsenal. Before long, you’ll see that she favors one or two. Maybe she’s been secretly eyeing that AK or 12-gauge you have. That is the one SHE wants. It’s her choice to order it/paint it in pink. Just don’t get mad when she starts outshooting you. After all, YOU taught her how, correct? Take joy in your new protege.

To some women, shooting is a chore. After watching you gather up all the gear needed and listening to you complain on how much things cost: range fees, ammo, scopes, etc., then coming home and having to clean AND oil them why do you think she is not interested and finds something else to do while you go to the range? I know why. Because you have never invited her to go. And if you have and she refused maybe you didn’t approach the subject correctly or…maybe…maybe she is just.not.interested. And that is okay. Are you truly interested in some of her hobbies?

There will never be a pink gun in my collection. I’m just not into pink. I prefer purple. In fact, this pink Kel-Tec inspires me to paint my new Kel-Tec purple. I have a purple AK. Ahhh…AKs…so many accessories. Yes. I just chickified an AK. Because if I’m gonna outshoot the male shooter in my life, I may as well do it with style.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go out and buy your wife or girlfriend a pink gun without checking with her first. It’s really not about the color. Knowing that a firearm truly is a personal weapon & a personal choice, would YOU really appreciate someone buying you a weapon that you CANNOT necessarily RETURN because you don’t like it? It’s not a belt. She can’t take this back to the store and exchange it. All Sales are Final in this category. It being pink is only the selling point if the firearm is the MODEL she wants.

(In fact…your best bet in buying ANYTHING for a woman is make sure it’s something she wants. If I tell my guy I want a FoodSaver for my birthday and he bought me a tennis bracelet, I’d be pretty pissed off because I really wanted that FoodSaver.)

Take her out shopping. Hopefully, the people on the the other side of the counter are helpful and listen to what she’s saying. She’ll make the best choice for herself. Then she can take her purchase home and order pink grips & accessories or paint it herself. Or purple. Or OD Green.

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  1. ReplyLongrangedeath

    Well parsed and articulated treatise! Brava! It's high time a woman outed this fallacious belief, that the sole reason for her interest in firearms, lies in the world of pastels.

  2. Reply7.62 Precision

    Excellent article! Send us something to chickify for you!

  3. ReplyJP

    How are you going to go and say you have a purple AK and not post pictures of it?!? Fail! :P This pink gun business is as bad as: "what gun should I buy for my girl?" "A snub .38!"

  4. ReplyRabidAlien be perfectly honest, a pink gun is what got my wife to shoot. Back in '10, my brother and his fiance were home on leave (Army, he's stationed in Italy at the moment trying to get the hostile sand out of ...well...everything. She's Italian.), and plans to go water skiing fell through (yay! I'm more mountain-goat than otter, I'll leave standing on top of water to the good Lord), so we had nothing planned to do that day. So, my brother mentions going shooting. Our ladies looked at each other with "that look", but they couldn't really say anything, because both had opted out with the "well, I don't want to be the only female there, so if someone else goes, I'll go too" clause. Heh. So, we looked up a local range and drove over. We stopped in the shop first, and after wandering around looking at, to our inexperienced eyes (I'm more of a rifle guy, but have never owned one and haven't shot since I graddy-ated high school back in *mumblemumble*), case upon case of Big Black Handguns. Until....there they were. Two (2!!!) pink Walther P22's, one a neon pink, one a pastel pink-grey camo pattern. .22's. So we worked out the kinks and my brother bought one for his lady (overcame the whole "shipping firearms to a foreign country" by just storing the darn thing at our house until they move back to the States). By now, both ladies are more interested, since its obvious this is a gun made for women. We rented several (yeah....starting my wife off with a .357 probably wasn't the best idea, but she did well, and it really made her love the .22 and 9mm variety), had a blast (pun intended), and now own our own set of 9mm's (Springfield XD's) as well as several vintage rifles (newest was made back in '49...I'm sorta a history dweeb as well). We've also had some nibbles when offering to go shooting with friends: they always assume we're talking about the guys, while the girls go do something dainty. Until my wife shows them HER 9mm and some targets she's shot. So, pink guns aren't necessarily evil. Just evil looking.

    • ReplyYankee Born, Rebel Heart

      That's awesome!!! I'm not against Pink guns though. I just don't like when the choice is taken away & I am handed something (regardless of what) because I'm female and convention says to disguise it so as to trick me into liking it.

      • ReplyRabidAlien

        Heh. Yeah, that's a sign of a very bad salesman. I worked in retail (on the sales floor) for 10 years. I tried very hard not to do that. I actually had customers who would leave the store and come back when I was off lunch, just because I sold them a $150 printer instead of trying to push the $500 printer on them (or vice-versa, in some cases...the larger machines typically save you money in the long run, its just that most people wouldn't use it enough to ever make it to the "long run"). They didn't need it. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned was to LISTEN. Ask questions and actually find out what the customer NEEDS, not necessarily what they want. There's usually at least one of these guys in every store, I've found (the better stores are stocked with these good salesguys, and will only have one or two token idiots....that usually don't last long), so if some guy won't listen to what you say, walk away and find someone else. Or a different store. I just hate hearing new shooter stories where some lady went in, was sold a girly wheelgun, fired it twice, hated it, and never went back.

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