Dry Cleaning Bill

I’ve listened to all TWELVE Liberty or Zombie podcasts, without fail, every time I get their notification email. I’ve listened via my Logitech Revue while folding laundry, via my smartphone while cooking and this morning via my phone on my commute in to work. At about 46/48 minutes, it’s just about the perfect length to keep me entertained whiled driving. Chuck D & Shooter Dan do their best to get their point across while adding their own special humor. (Which is awesome)

I always learn a lot about the featured topic (along with great one liners by Shooter Dan, which I must confess I quote all day at work) but I learned this morning that I should NOT be listening to their latest podcast while driving, sipping on a piping hot cuppa cawfee wearing a brand new white sweater. Next time, I’m gonna skip the sweater. Gotta have my cawfee.

Chuck D…you can thank your maniacal laughter for the dry cleaning bill I’m mailing you guys as soon as I figure out where you all live.  🙂


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  1. ReplyChuck D

    HAHA...that is too funny. We should put warnings on our podcasts? And if you try to sue us..... Wait a minute!!! It says CAUTION right on our podcast!!! Thanks for the kind words, and we appreciate that you enjoy our silliness. Chuck D

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