I’ve been Black Listed!!!

The Gun Blog Black List is the gun bloggers version of an Emmy or an Oscar…truly an honor.

I am beside myself. I can’t believe lil ol’ me got Black Listed. How flippin’ awesome is that?!?! (Pretty durn awesome, if I say so myself)

This post is extra special as it is my 100th.

I wish to thank…oh, so many people who made this possible.

Goodness Gracious. My guns. Without you I’m indefensible.

My keyboarding teacher from high school. I’ll never forget the hours upon hours of typing the alphabet. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQSTUVWXYZ. See? I can still type it fast with my eyes closed.

Best thing I can do to thank North, is hopefully drive some traffic over to the Black List and get the rest of the bloggers some awesome traffic in turn.

Thank you.

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