I’ve always been the type that with the more time I have, the less I get done. Case in point: Today is Saturday. I woke up at 6:20 am (only 20 minutes later than my usual weekday), got out of bed, debated on whether to hop in the shower right away or to have my coffee and check Twitter and Facebook wrapped in my favorite quilt on my sofa. My plans were to get all the chores done and head out to a new gun shop down the line a bit BEFORE noon.

I am still on my sofa. Unshowered. It is now 9:16 am. I thought to myself: I should take a snippit of the time just to be silly. Changed my mind because I didn’t feel like stopping to take it. Procrastination at it’s best. Find a reason to not do something and don’t do it. But I changed my mind 2 minutes & a few paragraphs later.

I started a new job, which I LOVE, last Thursday. My hours changed. I have a longer commute, which I don’t mind because I look at it as ME time. My workday is not physically hard and I play in Excel all day (AWESOME). I get home almost 2 hours later than I used to. I am wiped out. I have not made a decent dinner all week. Unless you count the pancakes (from scratch – there is no Bisquick in my house) I made on Wednesday and the gravy and meatballs/sausage/bracciole I made on Sunday that we ate Monday & Tuesday. I bought pizza on Thursday and we finished it last night.  I knew that my first week was going to be lacking in the homemaker version of myself. And I was okay with that because I planned on waking up nice & early (8ish NOT 6:20) on Saturday and get all my chores done by 11.

My sofa is very comfy. Have I mentioned that? I’m surprised that I’m even blogging. I just want to drink my coffee, wrap myself in this quilt and watch bad movies all day. 

So, I made a list while I was sitting here earlier. I’m a list maker. There is just something about crossing off the horrible chores one by one that is very satisfying. Have you any idea how many lists I have? I really should just use the same list over and over because I can honestly tell you that not one of the crossed-off items on each list is the same. Maybe I need to create a spreadsheet. Yes!! with different fonts for each room and I can highlight the chores I got done and then create a pivot table and … okay. Maybe that’s not a good idea.

What was I talking about?


Oh!! Procrastination! Blame it on my ADD, baby.

{There is supposed to be a video here, but the code isn’t working. *sigh* I probably did something wrong.}

Okay. Back to blogging.

I’ve realized over the past week, that even though I didn’t create the fabulous dinners at night because I am on overload from getting up an hour & a half earlier and coming home almost 2 hours later than I used to, I am getting a TON accomplished in the morning. In the past…my mornings went like this:

Hit the alarm clock at least 3 times before hurling it across the room and burying my head under my pillow. Drag my ass into the shower, bumping into a wall or two in my zombie-like state. Refreshed from the shower, get dressed, put on makeup, etc. then realize that I didn’t make lunch yet as I’m on my way out the door, trudge back in the house to make lunch then race to work. Which wasn’t too difficult because my previous job was only 9 minutes away. I think that was my problem. My job was just way to close to my house. I had all this time to get things done but because I knew I had all this time, I never did these things. I overslept, put things off til tomorrow, til the weekend, til next week.

Now: I am up BEFORE my alarm clock. What gives? I think it’s because I really do like my job. I actually did laundry the other morning. LAUNDRY! And…I made my lunch AND had time to sit on my comfy sofa and ENJOY my morning cawfee instead of bringing my hot mug with me in my car. Yes. You read that right. Because my old job was so close, I would chance it and balance my scalding mug of cawfee on the dashboard of my Jetta. How do I know it was scalding? Well, besides from the steam wafting above the liquidy goodness, I hit a pothole at the wrong angle once and it tumbled down off the dashboard onto my brand new pencil skirt. I had to turn around, etc. etc. Needless to say (even though I’m typing it) I no longer do that. Why? because: 

I’ve realized that with the LESS time I have the MORE I get done. I can chart that back to high school. I went from almost flunking out to making High Honor Roll because I was involved with orchestra, after-school sports and I had a job which FORCED me to sit down and study because I had no time. Back to my new workday morning. Because I know my time at home is limited during the work week I am getting more done in my mornings. And my evenings will follow. As will the fantabulous dinners. Maybe I’ll even bake some cookies. Who knows?

I’m looking at my list of chores. I have all these hours left in my day today. And I have tomorrow to get them all done.

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  1. Replyguffaw

    I write about procrastination a lot. Was going to join Procrastinators Anonymous, but, never got around to it.

  2. ReplyLongrangedeath

    "Some people can't work under pressure. Some people CAN'T work UNLESS they're under pressure." Remember, Goal achieving = Ready, Aim, Fire Tension relieving = Fire, Ready, Aim

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