Monthly archives "August 2011"

In the grips of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. A lot of people who have family members suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease don’t truly understand what is going on. It is one of those diseases that is not only debilitating to the person but affects those around them. In a sense, the person suffering is trapped. They […]

Sausage & Peppers

Sunday I decided to make Sausage & Peppers for supper. Everyone has their own idea of what that is. My version is really simple: hot & mild/sweet Italian sausage with peppers, onion and garlic over macaroni (for all you non-Italians…that’s spaghetti or linguini or whatever other type of pasta you like) or served with Italian […]

Logitech Revue

Just trying out a new post to see if I can blog form the Logitech Revue. So far so good. Only downfall…can’t see the screen from the sofa. And, of course, can’t download pics becuause its not hooked up to the computer. Oh yeah. I’ve probalbly a TON of speeling errors, too. LMAO

Some Wicked Sites for Female Shooters

I was surfing the internets (that s is intentional btw) for some cool apparel/gear/blogs/whathaveyou and came across some of the most wicked sites. I’d give you a synopsis of each one, but I’m not going to in the hopes that will force you to click that there link and waste as much company time as […]


I don’t know how many of you out there remember these or even know what these are but I need to buy another box already. I remember sitting on the front porch or in the backyard with a few friends eating them, trying to cool off in the heat. There were 6 flavors to choose […]


For the past few weeks, I’ve been squishing carpenter ants throughout the house. I’ve been finding one or two in various rooms. A few in my kitchen. I went out and bought Raid Ant & Roach Killer and sprayed the rooms they were in but I think all that did was push them to other […]