No food!

The hurricane messed with my errands yesterday. So, I went grocery shopping tonight and came home with my smallest bill yet. Not because of couponing or buy-one/get-one deals. Oh, no. Because of lack of food.

My phone died before I could snap a pic of the produce aisle sans produce. It was an eerie sight. Bins upon empty bins. Shelves that were always filled with fruits and veggies – empty. Then I turned down the meat aisle. The center racks were empty. Sale tags looking lonely. Venturing down the frozen food section, I convinced myself that there was no way those shelves could be empty. I was obviously wrong.

Takeout will have to do. Until I realized half the restaurants still didn’t have power.

Always be prepared, people.


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  1. ReplyScott McCray

    For those that don't believe The Feces Can and Will Hit the Whirling Blades - I offer up this simple post that speaks volumes. It can happen, and it can happen that quickly...good post, CZ. linky love

  2. ReplyOld NFO

    Yep, reality... It's not far beneath the surface...

  3. ReplyLinoge

    And the worst part is that fully half of the fresh food people bought will be wasted because they did not really need it, they bought it in a panic, and they have no way/knowledge to store it for the future. *sigh* We are, at heart, herd animals...

    • ReplyOld Windways

      Not to mention the people who bought a full fridge of produce and then lost power. One of my co-workers had no electricity for three days from the hurricane, and he ended up throwing out almost an entire refrigerator of food he had bought just before the storm. What a waste.

  4. ReplyLB @ Bullets and Biscuits

    Oh my! ...and I thought our store shelves were empty! We don't have anything on yours!

  5. ReplyPISSED

    WOW...those pics say a lot... thanks for the eyeopening post.. I came over via Macbourne's Musing.

  6. ReplyKelly

    True that! It can happen very quick!

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